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The TrainChange Fitness Strategy &
ALLN-1 LifeLong Fitness Implementation Plan

Congratulations on taking your first step toward your own LifeLong Fitness journey. But before you read any further there is some bad news and good news you need to be aware of, immediately. As already mentioned, the bad news is that if you haven't undergone a lifelong personal improvement, fitness journey before, it's much harder than fitness companies want you to believe. The TRUTH about what it really takes to get in shape simply doesn't sell products, so most people have no clue what to expect or what to do. The good news is that you now have someone to help you along the way, that not only has over 30 years of first-hand personal training and fitness consulting experience, I've ACTUALLY DONE what you're not setting out to do.

    NO Untested Theories!
    NO Crazy Sales Pitches!
    NO Extreme Exercises or Diets!
And most importantly, NO EXCUSES for failure!

Better yet, once you learn the TrainChange Fitness strategy and the ALLN-1 LifeLong Fitness Implementation Plan, you'll be able to customize your own nutrition plans and exercise routines on your own in no time. Then, getting in shape and losing fat will no longer be difficult for you, EVER AGAIN.

The biggest obstacle that I'll immediately start working with you to overcome (especially if you have a Mesomorph or Endomorph body type) is how to transform your body and maintain your physique, without CONSTANTLY being on RESTRICTIVE nutrition plans and exercise routines. This is crucial because part of lifelong fitness success is about being able to ENJOY life. And while using ultra restrictive low-carb/high protein plans and extreme exercise routines will produce immediate results, they are not SUSTAINABLE, physically or mentally. Which is why you frequently hear people say, "When I was doing the XXXX diet [or exercise routine] it worked great for me." Well, okay great...but the magic question is, "So why did you stop?" Think about it, if you're only able to follow a "program" for 3-months, 12-months or even 3-years, it really didn't work, because the longer you do something in repetition, the EASIER it should be to do, while producing MORE results, with LESS EFFORT. So, while I do believe in low-carb nutrition plans like Keto, Paleo, Atkins, etc. I also loooooove french fries! Seriously, what's the use of extending your life and looking great if you can only do it by DEPRIVING yourself? To me, a successful, lifelong fitness strategy means that you should be able to GET RID OF YOUR WEIGHT LOSS WORRIES FOR GOOD! And that's what I wanted to solve in my latest personal fitness challenge and physical journey. And that's exactly what ALLN-1 LifeLong Fitness will provide you with.


Once You Learn the Basic Rules of Fitness you Can Intelligently Break them to the Get the Results you Want!

ALLN-1 LifeLong Fitness is a variation of my TrainChange Fitness Strategy that teaches people HOW-TO get an awesome body, at stage of life. Regardless of whether you're 18 or 80, the ALLN-1 LifeLong Fitness implementation plan will give you results, if you're willing to put in the work. However, being that I'm 43, I had to took special consideration to make sure it works for people over 40. Because the fact is, once you learn the basics of my fitness strategies, achieving your fitness goal will actually be REALLY EASY because the steps are very BASIC & REPEATABLE.   

So here's another "reality check" when it comes to fitness and getting older

Barring any medical conditions of course, achieving fitness results has less to do with things like your metabolism slowing down, a lack of testosterone, menopause, etc. The FACT is that if you never learned how-to PROPERLY eat and exercise when you were younger, it only gets harder as you get older because your body is less forgiving of your mistakes. ALLN-1 Lifelong Fitness provides you with a new set of tools and techniques that will allow you to finally take control of your body, using long-term strategies that will be as effective today, as they will be 30 years from now. Additionally, I'll teach you how to correct many of the common mistakes people make when it comes to dieting and exercise, and at the same time showing you innovative ways to implement some advanced training and self-motivation techniques. This is what makes ALLN-1 LifeLong Fitness so unique: it's designed to be a long-term continuous improvement strategy that will enable you to CONSISTENTLY create effective NUTRITION PLANS and EXERCISE ROUTINES that are based on the CHANGES that our body, and life, will inevitably go through.

With ACCURATE INFORMATION about Nutrition and Supplements along with the RIGHT TRAINING TOOLS and Exercise Equipment, getting in shape and staying in shape is EASY!



To your body, responding to a nutrition plan and exercise routine is like pulling a rubber band from both ends. Consistently applied resistance causes the rubber to become tight and toned. As tension is eased, the rubber band conforms back to its limp shape. Your body responds to fitness routines the same way; the longer you follow them, the more results you will see. For that reason, even if you have a great routine, it will only be effective if used on a regular basis.


To help you start making better food choices and narrow down the most critical dietary supplements required for your body to undergo an intense fitness journey, self-paced online training courses are used to help you break counterproductive dieting habits and teach you how and when to use supplements.


Exercise is the best way to increase your metabolism and energy level. Intense activity forces your body to convert fat calories into energy. It turns up your fat-burning furnace. The more intense the activity, the more calories you burn. And when done in the form of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), you'll get a multiplier effect because HIIT increases fat oxidation which means even more fat burning!

Consistency Solution

My TrainChange Fitness
Nutrition Plan & Exercise Routine Online Portal gives you access to a series of self-paced, training modules that will prepare you for every step of your self-improvement journey. The online portal takes the guesswork out of how to customize and monitor your nutrition plans and exercise routines.

Nutrition Solution

ALLN-1® LifeLong Fitness Consultants are also available to help you establish clear and measurable outcomes that are aligned with your long-term fitness and life goals. We also offer the ALLN-1® F4Po.40 Energy| Recovery | Appetite supplement pack that provides the perfect dietary supplements to ensure that you're burning fat while building more lean muscle.

Exercise Solution

With our ALLN-1® Exercise Bench you'll be able to consistenetly follow customized exercise routines provided by your ALLN-1 LifeLong Fitness Consultant. The ALLN-1 can be configured into over 7 different exercise machines which means you'll be able to perform over 230 exercises and HIIT routines resulting in more effective and motivating workouts.









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