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After authoring TrainChange: Fat Loss over 13 years ago,
I wanted needed a STRATEGY UPGRADE now that I'm 43.

When I decided to create my ALLN-1 product line in June of 2016, I did so with the intent of disrupting the fitness industry. Not with the goal of creating a revolutionary product or discovering some innovative weight loss method, but rather, by doing something more radical and rarely seen in the fitness industry: Selling the TRUTH.

See: FIGHTING the "FAKENESS" of the FITNESS industry

So part of that meant I didn’t want to use Before & After pictures of myself or fake models going from 20% body fat down to 3% body fat with a little waist and 6 pack, promoting "another" 90-day steriod fitness transformation or macro-fad diet (No, I don't hold back punches either). Because while I could’ve done it, and have done it in the past, it’s not real.

    ❐ Not real because most people simply don’t have the kind of time, genetic body type or lifestyle to achieve the types of results that can only be obtained if you're able to live in the gym and constantly be on an insanely restricted diet.

    ❐ Not real because the EXTREME diet and exercise routines required to obtain the fitness competitor and cover model body’s we’re told we should, and can look like, if we just purchase "X" product is not only a lie, but even if you do see results they cannot be maintained in the long-term (rarely longer than 2-3 weeks).

Having been on both sides of the aisle at this point, I can easily say that I prefer living a balanced life that allows me to take vacations and cheat days, while still being dedicated to exercising, watching what I eat...and enjoying the benefits of having a bling, bling body. So, I modifed my original TrainChange Fitness Strategy (it's based around Low-Carb Nutrition and Body Typing) [Click Here to Download]. But in addition to being a fitness consultant, I'm also a very “OCD” software engineer that applies Lean/Six-Sigma principles to every aspect of my life, and because of that I know great strategies are made BETTER by refactoring them to be LESS COMPLEX, EASIER TO FOLLOW, while simultaneously becoming MORE EFFECTIVE over time, why(?)….because you've had an opportunity to LEARN more about the PROBLEM. So, with this new insight I modified my original TrainChange Fitness Strategy into the new ALLN-1 Life Long Fitness implementation plan. This new strategy not only allowed me to burn fat without burning muscle—I actually GAINED LEAN MUSCLE while dieting. And if you’re familiar with the science of the dieting process you know that’s a GROUND BREAKING INNOVATIVE achievement! Because it essentially means that it's EASIER to KEEP THE FAT FROM COMING BACK! In fact, after stabilizing around 245-250 lbs., at 43 years old, I gained new lean muscle which is why I didn't end up with the typical EMACIATED and SUNKEN LOOK associated with dieting, and instead, losing the fat and gaining muscle made me look YOUNGER (well, at least in my opinion). And I guarantee, in 4 more weeks, I'll be even leaner, because the strategy has not only put my body into fat burning overdrive but also on autopilot! That my friends is the Gold Goal Standard of weight fat loss...and LIFELONG FITNESS!

If I sound excited, it's because I am....because I finally made it happen, again! And you can't put a price on this type of life changing success.

After losing someone that I loved to an eating disorder, I wanted to use my personal experience and expertise to help others understand what it actually takes to get in shape while being 110% committed to getting in shape, all the while dealing with normal anxieties of life like unpredictable schedules, having kids, running multiple businesses and simply wanting to stay sane, and EAT!

In a time of selfies and instant gratification, what people don’t realize is that the perfect model images that we’re constantly bombarded with and told to be like are merely fabricated momentary slices of perfection, immortalized as pictures that we’re constantly stressing ourselves trying to look like. Furthermore, most of the popular fitness trends today are focusing on who can do the most EXTREME exercise routine or lose weight the fastest on a transformation program, instead of advocating critical thinking where common sense questions are asked, like: “Am I following an effective exercise routine...that's also safe?” and, “Once I complete my fitness transformation and reach my fitness goal, how am I going to maintain my success...for more than 3 years?” Unfortunately, though, most people don't ask these questions until they've been injured or dare I say, matured into their 40’s. So I realize this truth is not glamorously marketable or will result in the shiny, eye-popping sexy images we've grown accustomed to. But, in order to sell the truth, I’ve accepted that not everyone is in a place in their life to benefit from my expertise, and what I’m offering. But at the end of the day, that is what ALLN-1 LifeLong Fitness is about. And I can honestly say, I believe I was still able to create a revolutionary product that will be able to help people achieve their long-term fitness goals….by simply selling them, the TRUTH.

For individuals that understand this but still haven't been able to reach their fitness goal, the ALLN-1 LifeLong Fitness implementation plan was designed FOR YOU! It builds upon your existing common sense knowledge and will help you strategically focus your efforts on doing EXACTLY what you need to do--based on your UNIQUE life circumstances--in the most PRACTICAL way possible, to ensure you reach your fitness goals. So, if you feel this is for you, click here to continue.










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While the TrainChange Fitness Strategy will Work for Anyone, It's Definitely Not for Everyone

I respect that not everyone is in the same mental place to change their life. Sometimes, we need to get other areas in our life organized first before we can take on a new challenge. If you'd like us to stay in contact with you until that day comes, just enter your information below.

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