$1,200 ALLN-1 Fitness Consistency Challenge Rules


The ALLN-1® Fitness Consistency Challenge is a 12-week Fitness Consistency contest where the winners will be selected based on the amount of scheduled sessions they attend. Participation in our Live ALLN-1® Group Training will be recorded, or if a participant can’t attend a Live ALLN-1® Group Training at the scheduled time, they must record themselves completing the workout at a later time that day. All participants will also be required to record what or how they felt about the training session for that day in an online journal as part of their consistency challenge judging.

Crucial steps to success in your ALLN-1® Fitness Consistency Challenge

Register now for the ALLN-1® Fitness Consistency Challenge by clicking here.

Submit your Challenge information online. Once registered the access to our online fitness portable will be provided that will allows you to begin entering Challenge stats and essay information, save it, and finish entering later. The registration process only takes a minute.

In order to help identify the best time for all participants to attend our ALLN-1® LIVE Group Training session, please tell us the best days and times that work best for you. We cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to accommodate your schedule, but we will try to select days and times that work best for everyone.

The need for achieving consistency in a daily fitness routine, is based on the TrainChange Fitness Strategy. To understand this better, we strongly recommend that you read the complimentary TrainChange eBook that will be provided as part of your registration.

Per Challenge Rules and Regulations, we must receive your completed Official Competitors Journal within 15 days of the end date of the Fitness Consistency Challenge.

The challenge will start on January 15th, 2018 and end April 13th 2018.


The person(s) with the highest scheduled attendance will receive...

1st Place Prize:$1,200 cash prize

2nd Place Prize: Airfare and Hotel Accommodations for two (3) for 3 nights in Seattle, WA.

3rd Place Prize: $299 toward reimbursement for purchase of their ALLN-1 Exercise Bench.

As an Added Bonus, this Challenge Includes 48 ALL-1 Group Training Sessions (Value at over $1,200.00 in Group Training Sessions) so ALL purchases MUST BE MADE DIRECTLY FROM TRAINCHANGE FITNESS AND NOT OTHER ALLN-1 FITNESS PRODUCT RETAILERS, ie AMAZON.


The ALLN-1® Fitness Consistency Challenge 2018 (“2018 Challenge”) is a self-improvement Challenge consisting of completed schedule ALLN-1® exercise routines, and a personal consistency journal. The 2018 Challenge will be conducted in the United States and will be open only to residents of the United States, its territories, and possessions.

Timelines and Deadlines

To officially enter the 2018 Challenge you must purchase or be in possesion of an ALLN-1® exercise bench, and required accessories by no later than January 1, 2018, register for the challenge online by visiting and complete the required information to become officially entered.

Upon completing the 12-week 2018 Challenge, 2018 Challenge participants must upload their completed Official ALLN-1 Fitness Challenge Consistency Kit online, which must be completed in English. Alternatively, you can download the official Entry Kit PDF at, complete the required information (in English) and send it in by mail or express courier (FedEx, UPS, etc.) to:

TrainChange /ALLN-1® Fitness Consistency Challenge
TrainChange Fitness 704 228th Ave. NE
#585 Sammamish WA, 98074

Purchase of an ALLN-1® exercise bench, high-speed internet connection, web cam and completed Official Entry Kit (either online or printed hard-copy), and able to do ALL EXERCISES and ATTEND REQUIRED SESSIONS for a session to be counted as being COMPLETED, and eligible to win a prize package. In order to remain fair, and consistency, there can be NO EXCEPTIONS GRANTED or MAKEUP SESSION for MISSED or inability to perform an exercise. Not being able to attend a scheduled session or perform an exercise does not disqualify you from the contest, but you will not receive credit for THAT SESSION. All Official Entry Kits must be uploaded online within 15 days of the completion date of the 2018 Challenge. Incomplete and illegible entries will be disqualified. All journals must be your own original and unpublished story. All challenge registration entries must be received by January 1, 2018. TrainChange Fitness is not responsible for internet connectivity, mail delays, misplaced or lost entries.

Participants may enter the 2018 Challenge more than once. However, each participant must complete a full consecutive 12-week program (“12-week Program”) in order to be eligible to become a winner and before entering into another 2018 Challenge round. If submitting more than one Official Entry Kit, the dates of the 12-week Program to which each Official Entry Kit relates must NOT overlap with each other.

Winners will be announced on or before June 30, 2018 on Participants may also send a separate, self-addressed, stamped business size envelope, which must be received by TrainChange Fitness no later than May 1, 2018, to TrainChange Fitness c/o ALLN-1® Challenge Winners Request, 704 228th Ave. NE. #585 Sammamish WA 98074, to receive a list of Winners.

How You Will Be Judged


Phase I (Start and End dates subject to change)
3-Day a Week Training Calendar
18 Training Sessions Monday/Wednesday/Friday: January 15 - February 23th

Rest Week
: February 26th

Phase II (Start and End dates subject to change)
5-Day a Week Training Calendar (30 Training Sessions)
30 Training Sessions Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday: March 5– April 13th


ALLN-1® Training Sessions may be delivered online via one or more of the following methods:

1. Live Group ALL-1 Training Sessions: consisting of a 40-50 minute ALLN-1® exercise routine directed and monitored by one or more TrainChange Virtual Personal Trainers.

2. Instructor Monitored Pre-recorded ALLN-1 Training Sessions: consisting of a 40-50 minute ALLN-1® exercise routine monitored and supervised by one or more TrainChange Virtual Personal Trainers.

3. Self-Pace Pre-recorded ALLN-1 Training Sessions: consisting of a 40-50 minute ALLN-1® exercise routine, where the participant will be responsible for completing the routine provided for that day, recording their participation, along with verifiable date and time of participation and completion.

The 2018 Challenge judges will select one Grand Prize Consistency Winner as indicated in the ALLN-1® Fitness Consistency Challenge registration kit. Grand Prize Consistency Winners will be chosen based upon the following criteria: Training Consistency —80% of total score, and Consistency Journal (essay and questions)—20% of total score. One (1) Grand Prize Consistency Winners will be selected based on the foregoing criteria.

The likelihood of winning depends upon the number of entries received, and the quality of your entry compared to the quality of all other entry submissions as determined by the judges. In the event of a tie, Grand Prize Consistency Winners will be selected based solely on their Consistency Journal essay and questions. 

There must be no less than 20 participants registered for the Challenge to begin. If less than 20 people register for Challenge, TrainChange Fitness reserves the right to cancel the Challenge. If the Challenge is cancelled, any monies paid by participants will be returned. TrainChange Fitness is not responsible for any damages or expenses incurred by participants if Challenge is cancelled.

Who's Eligible to Enter the 2018 Challenge?

2018 Challenge participants must be at least 18 years of age and residents of the United States, its territories and possessions, before starting their 2018 Challenge 12-week Program. The 2018 Challenge is subject to applicable federal and state laws and is void where prohibited.

Employees of TrainChange Fitness, its affiliates, subsidiaries, and any of their advertising, promotion and internet agencies, or consultants and contractors providing services for the 2018 Challenge, and all their immediate family members, along with all those with whom they are domiciled, may participate, but are NOT eligible to win. Immediate family means any of the following: spouse, ex-spouse, defacto spouse, child or step-child (whether nature or by adoption), parent, step-parent, grandparent, step-grandparent, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, brother, sister, step-brother, step-sister or 1st cousin. Participants in previous ALLN-1® Fitness Consistency Challenges or other TrainChange Challenges may compete, but past Grand Prize Consistency Winners of any ALLN-1® Fitness Consistency Challenges or other TrainChange Challenge are not eligible to win.

Participants are required to purchase an ALLN-1® exercise bench and required ALLN-1® accessories prior to starting the 2018 Challenge to be eligible.

If any winner is under the age of 21, TrainChange Fitness reserves the right to require the signature of a parent or legal guardian on any documents. Regulations and Requirements

TrainChange Fitness reserves the right to interpret these rules and, if necessary, to amend the rules at its sole discretion and without notice to individual 2018 Challenge participants. Any amendments to the rules or changes in prizes will be published online at Rule interpretations and all judging decisions are final. All information and materials submitted along with your Official Entry Kit become the sole and exclusive property of TrainChange Fitness. 2018 Challenge participant scores are proprietary to TrainChange Fitness and will not be disclosed. TrainChange Fitness shall have the sole right in its sole discretion to disqualify any 2018 Challenge participants without explanation for any reason at any stage of the 2018 Challenge, and TrainChange Fitness shall be fully and completely released and discharged from any liability or responsibility in this regard.

Each 2018 Challenge participant assumes all risk of injury, harm or loss of any kind arising from participation in the 2018 Challenge. Consult with your physician or health care provider before starting any new exercise, particularly if you suffer from any medical condition or regularly use prescription or over-the-counter medications. If you are not experienced with resistance and cardio training, or if you are changing your exercise program, consult with a qualified trainer or coach. 2018 Challenge participants expressly release TrainChange Fitness, its distributors and affiliated companies, and the directors, officers and employees of any of them from all risk, loss, injury, damage or harm that may arise from participating in the 2018 Challenge.

2018 Challenge participants must notify TrainChange Fitness in writing of any change of address or phone number. Grand Prize Consistency Winners who cannot be reached within ten (10) days at the address or phone number in their completed Official Entry Kit will be disqualified.

Submission of your completed Official Entry Kit in the 2018 Challenge constitutes your express consent and permission for TrainChange Fitness, and any of its affiliated companies, to use your name, photographs and written responses (in whole or in part) for promotional and advertising purposes to promote TrainChange products, its business, and TrainChange Fitness worldwide, in any media and in any manner whatsoever, without limitation or restriction or further consideration of any kind, and such consent is deemed given by your entry and participation in the 2018 Challenge. Submission of your completed Official Entry Kits shall be deemed your acceptance of these Rules and Regulations (as may be amended) and your voluntary transfer to TrainChange Fitness of all right, title, and interest, including copyright, of your photographs and written responses.

Prizes and Approximate Retail Values

There will be three (3) prize packages awarded.

One (1) Grand Prize Consistency Winner will receive a prize package which consists of US$1,200 cash prize. Total prize value for the Grand Prize Consistency Winner prize package is approximately US $1,200

One (1) Second Place Consistency Winner will receive a 3 night trip to Seattle, WA consisting of Airfare and Hotel Accommodations (to be selected by TrainChange Fitness) and dates mutually agreed upon by Winner and TrainChange Fitness based upon availability. Total prize value for the Place Consistency Winner prize packages is approximately US $800

One (1) Third Place Consistency Winner will receive reimbursement for the cash equivalent of the actual retail value (excluding taxes) of the ALLN-1® exercise bench purchased for the 12-Week Program for which receipts are provided to TrainChange Fitness (up to a maximum of US $300). Total prize value for the Third Place Consistency Winner prize packages is approximately US $300

By registering and participating in this contest you understand that it includes 48 ALLN-1 Group Training Sessions (Value at over $1,200.00 in Group Training Sessions) so ALL purchases MUST BE MADE DIRECTLY FROM TRAINCHANGE FITNESS AND NOT OTHER ALLN-1 FITNESS PRODUCT RETAILERS, ie Amazon.

Prize values state approximately the recommended retail value as provided by the supplier(s) and are correct at time of printing. All prize values (or where relevant, possible maximum value), are in US dollars. TrainChange Fitness takes no responsibility for any variation in prize values.

All winners are responsible for all applicable taxes; prizes are not transferable; and there will be no substitutions for the prizes except at the option of TrainChange Fitness in the event of unavailability. All winners must sign a declaration and release form confirming compliance with the contest rules, acceptance of the prize as awarded and releasing TrainChange Fitness and its affiliates, its advertising and promotion agencies, the contest judges and their respective officers, directors, agents, representatives, successors and assigns from any liability in connection with 2018 Challenge, the entrant’s participation therein and/or the awarding and use of the prize or any portion thereof. Grand Prize Consistency Winners will become an exclusive endorser for TrainChange products and ALLN-1® Fitness Consistency® and related products and services and enter into an exclusive endorsement agreement with TrainChange Fitness.

Arbitration and Choice of Law

Except where prohibited by law, as a condition of participating in the 2018 Challenge, participant agrees that: (1) any and all disputes and causes of action arising out of or connected with the 2018 Challenge, or any prizes awarded in connection therewith, shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action, and exclusively by a sole arbitrator in a binding, non-reviewable and non-appealable proceeding conducted in accordance with the Washington Arbitration & Mediation Service, 600 University Street Suite 900 Seattle, Washington 98101 (2) any such proceeding shall be held in Seattle, WA and (3) judgment upon such arbitration award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction. Under no circumstances will participant be permitted to obtain awards for, and participant hereby waives all rights to claim, punitive, incidental or consequential damages, or any other damages, including attorneys’ fees, other than participant’s actual out-of-pocket expenses (i.e., costs associated with entering this contest), and participant further waives all rights to have damages multiplied or increased. All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of these Official Rules, or the rights and obligations of participants and TrainChange Fitness in connection with the 2018 Challenge, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the substantive laws of the State of Washington, USA without regard to Washington choice of law rules.

TrainChange Fitness does not necessarily adopt or endorse, and does not accept any liability for, any statements or claims that are made by any retailer or partner or associate, or website content that is posted on retailer or partner or associate sites.

Failure by TrainChange Fitness to enforce any of its rights at any stage does not constitute a waiver of those rights.

Sponsor: TrainChange Fitness, a division of Never Limited, LLC, 704 228th Ave. NE. #585 Sammamish WA 98074.

Consult with your physician or health care provider before starting the ALLN-1 Fitness Consistency Challenge, nutrition and supplementation program.