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ALLN-1 Booty Boot Camps


Build that Booty and Tighten your Butt by Using
an ALLN-1 Bad Ass Booty Bench and our
Bad Ass Booty HIIT Routine


In this Workshop, You Will Learn:

  • How to Take the Guess Work out of Glute Training by using SCIENCE instead of hype!
  • Glute Muscle Isolation so You Can Train in the Sweet Spot..for Maximum Results
  • The Most Common Glute Training Mistakes Everyone Makes
  • 5 ways to easily perform Hip Thrusts & Glute Bridges
  • New Exercises to Tighten, Tone & Build Your Booty
  • And, much, much MORE!
ALLN-1 Booty Boot Camps


ALLN-1 Bad Ass Booty Bench
Our ALLN-1 Bad Ass Booty Bench configuration allows you to target tighten and tone your glutes while improving your lower body strength! You'll be able to train your entire GLUTEAL DELTOID to give you a BALANCED glute routine so you can finally have a BAD ASS BOOTY! You'll be able to perform exercises like: Hip Thrusts, Front Lunges, Reveres Lunges, Step-ups, Good Mornings, Deadlifts, and many more.

ALLN-1 Bad Ass Booty Bands:
The ALLN-1 Bad Ass Booty Bands will help you isolate your glutes from your quads to maximize your booty building exercises like you’ve never done before. When used correctly, the bands are great for strengthening and toning your glute muscles to hit those hard to reach booty muscle fibers.

The ALLN-1Exercise Bench is a PATENTED multifunction training system that allows you to create and configure the bench according to your training needs.

Booty Boot CampsPrint this Discount Coupon, bring it to the LA FitExpo, and pay only $20 a day for admission to the entire LA FitExpo.


This will be your ONLY CHANCE to attend an
ALLN-1 Booty Boot Camp for FREE.

REGISTER ONLINE NOW to save your spot in our booth during the LA Fit Expo Jan 6th & 7th. Seating is Limited!

Saturday: 1:15pm-2:00pm
Sunday: 1:15pm-2:00pm

Can't Attend
Register anyways and let us know you're interested, but can't attend and we'll send you a video from the ALLN-1 Booty Boot Camp and our
ALLN-1 Booty Boot Camps Introductory Training Guide.
It contains 30 of our Booty Boot Camp exercises and modifications!