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About the ALLN-1™

Made from commercial grade steel and aluminum, yet weighing a little over 55 lbs*, the ALLN-1™ exercise bench was designed to be a multi-purpose exercise bench that can be used for both home and commercial use. Its unique design allows users to perform over 100 exercises through a combination of moving specific detachable parts into selected positions, incorporating fitness bands, free weights or one's own body natural weight to achieve a desired resistance for maximum training.

While the ALLN-1 functions similarly to that of a combination of a Hip Thruster Bench, Preacher Curl Bench and Roman Chair. The unique versatility of the ALLN-1 comes from its customizability, provided by our patents pending "Quick Clip" adjustment methods and the patents pending design of the ALLN-1. In addition to now allowing users to perform all of the exercises that were once done on those three separate machines, The Clip enhancement now allows for incremental adjustments and interchangeability between exercise pieces, that may be mounted on the ALLN-1 to the users' personal preference.

Additionally, the function of The Clips can serve to securely fasten resistance bands to the ALLN-1 Bench that is only currently achieved by requiring users to secure the resistance band to some large permanently mounted structure, door or chair. This unique level of band versatility is what differentiates the ALLN-1 Bench from other exercise and resistance training benches. The variable adjustability of the ALLN-1 Bench resistance will provide users with the ability to safely perform an effective workout, whether they are male or female, 18 or 80, those working to achieve personal fitness goals or going through Physical Therapy.

* Not including the weight of the detachable seats. Total weight with seats is approximately 87 lbs.

  • Additional ALLN-1 Parts Required for Some Exercises
Lateral Tricep Pull
Uni. Front Pullover
Uni. Rear Pullover
Later Tricep Extension
Standing Tricep Kickback
Bentover Tricep Kickback
Uni. Tricep Kickback
Kneeling Pushdown
Tricep Dips
Standing Cable Curls
Standing Brbl. Curls
Seated Cable Curls
Seated Brbl. Curls
Preacher Brbl. Curls
Preacher Cable Curls
Lat. Cable Curls
Standing Sup. Forearms
Standing Pronated. Forearms
Seated Sup. Forearms
Seated Pronated. Forearms
High Cable Flys
Med. Cable Flys
Low Cable Flys
Uni. High Cable Flys
Uni. Med. Cable Flys
Uni. Low Cable Flys
Brbl. Press
Wide Brbl. Press
Close Brbl. Press
Cable Press
Seated Brbl. Press
Seated Cable Press
Uni. Press
Incline Push-up
Decline Push-up
Wide Decline Push-up
Close Decline Push-up
Chest Dip
Upright Row
Front Press
Rear Press
Sup. Cbl. Raises
Pro. Cbl. Raises
Sup. Brbl. Raises
Pro. Brbl. Raises
Sup. Side Raises
Pro. Side Raises
Cable Row
Rotating Rows
Cross Row
Seated Row
Lat Pullover
Bentover Pulldown
Back Extension
Rotating Rows
Revers Fly
Revers Fly Rotation
Iron Cross
Hip Thrusters
Uni. Squats
Sissy Squats
Forward Lunges
Reverse Lunges
Inner Thigh
Outer Thigh
Hamstring Culrs
Hamstring Pulls
Seated Calf
Donkey Calf
Front Calf
Isolated Crunches
Side Bends
Oblique Crunch
Oblique Pullover Crunch
Oblique Twist
Cable Sit-Ups Twist
Upper Row
Mountain Climbers

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