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Become a TrainChange ALLN-1  Personal Trainer

You Can Start Providing Virtual Personal Training and...

No more having to deal with problems like cramming exhaustive early morning training sessions into your schedule, cutting your vacations short, blocking out time on your calendar or rushing back across town to the gym for a client, that doesn’t show up. And of course, no more having to pay outrageous fees to rent space in a gym. You see, since the ALLN-1 fitness bench is the first piece of home fitness equipment that can do over 100 exercises, encompassing both upper body, lower body and cardio workouts, you can now train clients virtually, and still give them the results they want. More importantly, it’s compact, and unique design makes it easy for use in the gym and at home—and still AFFORDABLE.

And the ALLN-1 is such an economical investment for personal trainers interested in offering virtual training, once you sell just ONE virtual personal training package to a client, you will not only recouped the cost of your initial investment into the ALLN-1, you will also make a profit. Over the few months we’ll be doing an aggressive marketing campaign to prime consumers for the ALLN-1 before the upcoming holiday and 2017 New Year kickoff. And we’d like to have more ALLN-1 training partners on our team to meet the projected demand. To make that happen, we’re offering the ALLN-1 to certified, professional, entrepreneurial trainers that are interested in growing with us.

It’s that easy. Contact us today to get started as this will be a limited time offering that you won’t want to miss out on! CLICK HERE to watch even more of the exercises available using the ALLN-1!

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