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Advanced Level Fitness

Being at an Advanced Fitness Level means that you probably already have a daily nutrition plan, that’s even broken down by the hour, and on top of that you have it memorized (yeah, I get it). And the same holds true for your exercise routine, you pretty much only know what day of the week it is based on what body part you’re training that day. For example, you instinctively know when, and how to increase and decrease your caloric intake and exercise levels to make immediate changes that you want to see in your body. In other words, at this level you don’t struggle with the problems of being able to consistently follow nutrition plans and exercise routines; and not only do you understand the benefits of intensity, you’re able to train at that intensity on demand. So if they can already do all of that one might ask, why would they benefit from TrainChange? Well, the unique thing about us….I mean this group, is that they actually need to learn how to decrease their intensity. Specifically, how to incorporate cheat days into their nutrition routines and rest weeks from training. When you’ve been at this intensity for so long, relying on the comfort in knowing that being able to activate this level of intensity is what got you this far, you not only don’t want to come back down, you’re mentally afraid to come down. Because you now feel that slowing down means you’re going backwards, and that you’re going to lose all of the gains you’ve made. Unfortunately, the tradeoff is you’re now stuck on a progress-plateau, and you’re so mentally conditioned to breaking through your plateaus by simply training harder, you keep manipulating your diets and upping your training intensity in an attempt to break your plateau. However, this actually just keeps you in an unsustainable cycle of high intensity, and stuck, spinning your “training wheels”. This is because the body can’t function at high levels of intensity forever, and it’s not a sustainable solution: physically or mentally. So the benefit TrainChange can do for you is teach you how to intelligently, incorporate high calorie days into your diet; and for exercise, how to intelligently plan time off from training so that instead of your body consistently being torn down because of your intensity, your muscles have a chance to rest, recover and rebuild—without losing your gains during the time off. In the end, once you get back to training you’ll actually return stronger, both mentally and physically. And this new level of reverse dieting and planned de-training is what will allow you to break through your progress plateau, and more importantly, it will be one more tool in your box that you can use to break through future plateaus.


At TrainChange Fitness we fervently believe that people, and especially training professionals, should always practice what they preach and live the life they teach. So at this level of fitness we understand that the hardest part about being on top of your game…is staying on top of your game! We truly understand that there comes a level of competition where physical strength, speed and agility are no longer deciding factors for victory because you’re competing with the best of the best. The deciding factor is who can get into the “Zone” first and stay there the longest. This is the mental game. It’s what separates even professional athletes from their elite counterparts. The mind, body and spirit fuse together as one, making you an indomitable force.

  • At this level, you no longer require a trainer, but rather mentored coaching.
  • The coach that you decide to work with should not only have at least 10 years of experience in their respective area of fitness expertise, they should’ve accomplished what you are now trying to do. That is a lot to ask, and even harder to find.
  • In knowing this we currently only offer our Advanced Fitness Program to clients on a case by case basis if we believe there’s going to be a good fit and we can reach your Goal Outcomes. If after meeting with you we don’t feel we’re the right fit for your needs, we can recommend some great coaches to assist you.
  • All that said, we also believe that even that once you’ve reach the Advanced Level, the core of an advanced training program is simply about being able to do the basics, very well, every day. And because of that the following recommendations are still applicable for our advanced clientele.


Read the TrainChange Fat Loss Book

Reading this book will provide you with the basic philosophy of the TrainChange strategy. In addition to providing you with technical knowledge required to achieve a fitness goal, this book drives home the importance of making the lifestyle change required to achieve SUCCESS. However, the TrainChange lifestyle change traverses far beyond the realm of fitness: its change that touches every aspect of your life.

The most overlooked requirement to achieving a [fill in the blank] goal is DISCIPLINE. No one likes to admit they don’t have self-discipline but until you confront and deal with this problem neither the TrainChange fitness strategy, nor any strategy will ever work for you. Discipline isn’t something that can be applied to your life on a selective basis. In other words, you can’t be successful on a job without having self-discipline to get your work done on time; nor will you be financially successful without having the discipline to control your spending; and you definitely won’t be successful on a fitness program without having the discipline to follow nutrition plans and exercise routines. Be honest with yourself. Are you ready to make a commitment to being discipline and living at your best in all aspects of your life?


Attend a TrainChange Leaner, Faster, Stronger Better! Fitness Workshop

The intent of this workshop is to provide an opportunity to ask direct questions and receive advice from a TrainChange fitness specialist. It builds upon what you learned in the TrainChange: Fat Loss book by providing different ways to apply the TrainChange strategy; you’ll also learn advanced techniques not covered in the book. Best of all, these workshops are opportunities to share ideas with other TrainChange members and interact with highly motivated goal oriented people.