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Trainchange Beginner Ftness

Beginner Level Fitness

If you're starting at a Beginner Fitness Level, you probably have little to no experience with how to creating and following effective nutrition plans and exercise routines. For example, at this level you probably still think that drinking a fruit smoothies every day is considered being healthy, and that if you drink one right before going to the gym it will give you more energy to walk on the treadmill as you while you're TV. (Don't be embarrased, we all started at this level at some point.)


I’d recommend two possible solutions for this group.

  • Since you’re just starting out, the non-TrainChange option would be to simply go to your local neighborhood gym, do some research on a good trainer and work with them for about 3-months.
  • Inform the perspective trainer that you want to learn the basics of nutrition, like how eating fat, protein and even carbohydrates, can all contribute to weight gain; and you want to learn and focus on no more than 2 exercises, that will allow you to properly train your: Biceps (Bi’s), Triceps (Tri’s), Chest, Shoulders, Back, Abdominals (Abs) Quadriceps (Quads), Hamstrings (Hams) and Calves; and proper use of a treadmill, elliptical, row machine and stretching techniques.
  • Only focus on learning 2 exercises per body part at this point because it’s more important that remember how to do 1 or 2 exercise correctly to train a specific muscle, instead of confusing yourself with 10 different exercises, then not being able to remember what you’ve learned, ultimate doing the exercise and getting no benefit from it at. INSIDER NOTE: Like you, trainers often get bored teaching the same routines day in and day out, 5x a day so in order to keep themselves entertained, an inexperienced trainer may needless keep introducing you to new "cool" exercises; and sell more training sessions.  But the fact is, REPETITION IS THE BEST TEACHER. REPETITION IS THE BEST TEACHER  and yes, REPETITION IS THE BEST TEACHER!
  • This is why it's important for you to focus your goal and establish with your trainer, that by the end of 3-months, you’ll want to have a solid foundation in basic nutrition and exercise, so that you’ll know what are the macros in the food that you’re eating, and how to train each of the mentioned muscle groups--on your own.


A TrainChange Beginners Fitness Program to Include Nutrition Consulting and ALLN-1 Personal Training.

  • With this solution, for nutrition, one of our TrainChange Fitness Specialists will assist you by providing you with bi-weekly online nutrition plans (or as needed)
  • You will be taught which foods, supplements and exercises will help you burn fat and build lean muscle.
  • For exercise routines, you'll receive ALLN-1 total body routines delivered through our ALLN-1 Virtual Fitness Studio. You can either watch pre-recorded videos, attend group sessions or work with one of our ALLN-1 TrainChange Fitness Specialist.
  • Your TrainChange Fitness Specialist will also provide instruction on how to use the ALLN-1 to train your Biceps (Bi’s), Triceps (Tri’s), Chest, Shoulders, Back, Abdominal's (Abs) Quadriceps (Quads), Hamstrings (Hams), Calves, Cardiovascular (Cardio) exercises and proper stretching techniques.

Minimum Personal Duration:

12 weeks (36 Online Sessions)

Recommended Duration Before Changing Routine:

5 Months

Required Pre-requisite:

Read the TrainChange Fat Loss Book

Reading this book will provide you with the basic philosophy of the TrainChange strategy. In addition to providing you with technical knowledge required to achieve a fitness goal, this book drives home the importance of making the lifestyle change required to achieve SUCCESS. However, the TrainChange lifestyle change traverses far beyond the realm of fitness: its change that touches every aspect of your life.

The most overlooked requirement to achieving a [fill in the blank] goal is DISCIPLINE. No one likes to admit they don’t have self-discipline but until you confront and deal with this problem neither the TrainChange fitness strategy, nor any strategy will ever work for you. Discipline isn’t something that can be applied to your life on a selective basis. In other words, you can’t be successful on a job without having self-discipline to get your work done on time; nor will you be financially successful without having the discipline to control your spending; and you definitely won’t be successful on a fitness program without having the discipline to follow nutrition plans and exercise routines. Be honest with yourself. Are you ready to make a commitment to being discipline and living at your best in all aspects of your life?