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Trainchange Intermediate Ftness

Intermediate Level Fitness

If you're at an intermediate fitness level you’ve likely had some type of professional training in the past, and now know how to make healthy food choices and have some type of regular exercise routine in place. For example, you not only select your foods based on fat content, but also on carb and protein content because you know that even those macro nutrients contribute to your daily caloric intake and can become fattening too. In terms of exercise, you probably make it to the gym at least 3 days a week, and sometimes five. From a nutrition perspective, where you’d benefit most from the TrainChange strategy is by learning how to precisely balance your calorie intake with not only your activity at the gym, but also your general activities throughout the day; thereby making sure that you’re not only avoiding the pitfalls of over eating, but the less address problem of under eating and over training. From an exercise perspective, you will benefit by gaining a better understanding of how to improve the effectiveness of your training by increasing your intensity through techniques such as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), without causing new or aggravating existing injuries. One of the most valuable outcomes from our TrainChange Intermediate Fitness Program is that you’d be receiving more effective bi-weekly nutrition plans (or as needed) that would complement your new, intense exercise routines that you would be required to consistently follow for a minimum of 3-months, and beyond.


Since you have more than average experience with dieting and exercises, you’re going to need more than average consulting to help you get to the next level.

  • I’d recommend you find a certified, master fitness training professional that has at least 5 years of not only successfully helping clients reach their fitness goals, but has also been able to achieve and maintain their own fitness goals. By no means does this mean your trainer must have the body of a fitness model, but rather that they truly understand the totality involved with developing and achieving a long-term fitness strategy.
  • A trainer with this type of background typically have more than one nationally recognized training certification such as ACSM, ACE, NASM, NCSA, AFFA, NFPT or ISSA.
  • These skillful trainers can be located by going to a nationally accredited personal training certification website, and doing a search for trainers that are certified through that organization.
  • When interview your trainer, be sure to emphasize that you currently exercise at least 3 - 5 days a week, and you want them to assist you with ensuring that your calorie intake is properly aligned with your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and daily calorie expenditure, through calorie cycling.
  • Based on that information, you will also need them to help you decide which dieting regiment(s) would work best for your lifestyle and body type, ie. Low-fat/High Carb, High Carb/Low-fat, High Protein/Low-Carb, etc.
  • You’ll want them to help you design an exercise routine that safely incorporates HIIT training, both during your carido routine and progressive resistance routine.
  • Lastly, you want to establish with your trainer, that by the end of 3-months, you’ll want to have a solid foundation in how to develop your own calorie cycling nutrition plan and HIIT training routines.


Hands-down, being able to provide a client with intermediate fitness solutions is our training Sweet Spot. A TrainChange Fitness Specialist will assist you by providing you with bi-weekly online nutrition plans and ALLN-1 total body exercise routines, delivered through our ALLN-1 Virtual Fitness Studio.

  • During your TrainChange Intermediate Program you will be provided, customized online nutrition plans designed specifically for your lifestyle and activity level. By analyzing factors like your basal metabolic rate, fat oxidation, daily activities, etc., your TrainChange nutrition plans will be optimized to calculate the optimal amount of daily calories you need to burn fat while gaining lean muscle.
  • Your normal gym routine will be supplemented with ALLN-1, HIIT targeted muscle routines. These routines will also be developed in accordance with your body type, and targeted based on our perceived compositions of your unique distribution of red, white, Type I and Type II that make up your body. Because body typing and muscle identification is a subjective process due to the fact that there aren’t any commercially available testing procedures, this process can only be achieved through process of elimination, which requires consistently and commitment on both of our parts.
  • Your ALLN-1 total body routines wil be delivered through our ALLN-1 Virtual Fitness Studio. You can either watch pre-recorded videos, attend group sessions or work with one of our ALLN-1 TrainChange Fitness Specialist.
  • By the time you are through with this program you will know how to train your muscles using both the ALLN-1 and commercially available to increase your overall muscle energinics and training performance.

Minimum Personal Duration:

4 weeks (12 Online Sessions)

Recommended Duration Before Changing Routine:

12 weeks (36 Online Sessions)

Required Pre-requisite:

Read the TrainChange Fat Loss Book

Reading this book will provide you with the basic philosophy of the TrainChange strategy. In addition to providing you with technical knowledge required to achieve a fitness goal, this book drives home the importance of making the lifestyle change required to achieve SUCCESS. However, the TrainChange lifestyle change traverses far beyond the realm of fitness: its change that touches every aspect of your life.

The most overlooked requirement to achieving a [fill in the blank] goal is DISCIPLINE. No one likes to admit they don’t have self-discipline but until you confront and deal with this problem neither the TrainChange fitness strategy, nor any strategy will ever work for you. Discipline isn’t something that can be applied to your life on a selective basis. In other words, you can’t be successful on a job without having self-discipline to get your work done on time; nor will you be financially successful without having the discipline to control your spending; and you definitely won’t be successful on a fitness program without having the discipline to follow nutrition plans and exercise routines. Be honest with yourself. Are you ready to make a commitment to being discipline and living at your best in all aspects of your life?

Recommended Pre-requisite:

Attend a TrainChange Leaner, Faster, Stronger Better! Fitness Workshop

The intent of this workshop is to provide an opportunity to ask direct questions and receive advice from a TrainChange fitness specialist. It builds upon what you learned in the TrainChange: Fat Loss book by providing different ways to apply the TrainChange strategy; you’ll also learn advanced techniques not covered in the book. Best of all, these workshops are opportunities to share ideas with other TrainChange members and interact with highly motivated goal oriented people.