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TraniChange Book

About the TrainChange Book...

What many people don't realize is that fat loss is not the same thing as weight loss. Water makes up the majority of your body and as a result, your weight naturally fluctuates on a daily basis. The reality is that weight has very little to do with physical fitness. Sadly, however, society has conditioned us to associate how much we weigh with the success of our fitness endeavors. That is to say, when we lose weight we feel good about ourselves but, when we gain it back we feel bad. The real measure of fitness success is in your a
bility to reduce excess body fat. If you're objective is to decrease body fat and increase lean muscle, simply following the TrainChange fat loss strategy outlined in this book will guarantee you reach your goal. Many books have been authored about how to lose weight, but few focus on the real obstacle-FAT LOSS! Ironically, how you deal with this obstacle is what ultimately determines long term fitness success.

In order to lose fat and build lean muscle, you need to understand things like:

  • Which diets work best for your body type.
  • How to identify foods that increase fat storage.
  • Why exercise can decrease your natural fat burning ability.
  • What is the correct amount of calories you should be eating to increase lean muscle without getting fat.
  • How to follow a healthy fat loss plan while still being able to enjoy eating during the holidays, birthdays, weddings, etc.

Best of all, you can start using the powerful techniques immediately. Each method he suggests is simple, practical, and supported by real life success stories.

Coverage Includes
  • Ways to naturally increase your energy.
  • The common mistakes every dieter makes. 
  • Tips to improve your training performance.
  •  Motivating yourself to accomplish a fitness objective.
  •  The three things you'll need to reach your weight-loss goal.

As a professional fitness consultant and personal trainer who once battled with being overweight himself, Al Smith, Jr. shares his unique, step-by-step, analytical approach that he personally used to finally win his weight-loss battle.

Al is now helping others reach their health and fitness goals using his amazing approach. In TrainChange he discusses the Three Basic Components required to get in shape, and shares the secret strategy he uses to help his clients Keep The Fat From Coming Back!