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ALLN-1: Variable Resistance Suspension (VRS)™ Bands

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The Evolution in Exercise Band Training is Here!
Suspension bands and resistance bands have made inexpensive, convenient workouts easier than ever to get. The problem is, neither suspension bands nor resistance bands alone can give you a complete, versatile workout. Now, a new workout innovation from TrainChange Fitness is making suspension-band home training more effective than it's ever been.

The Benefits of Suspension Bands
Suspension band workouts are great for developing multiple muscle groups using exercises that challenge your body in multiple planes. Since many of the exercises commonly used with suspension bands help to develop balance, they're especially good for developing the muscles of your core, the muscles that provide you with stability and help other muscle groups do their jobs.

Suspension bands also have the advantage of convenience and ease of use. They utilize gravity and your own body weight to provide resistance, so they don't require the addition of external weights or mechanical contraptions to give you an effective workout. They're ideal for travelers or anyone who has limited space to store equipment. They're also inexpensive compared to most other workout equipment.

The Benefits of Resistance Bands
While suspension bands can work wonders, they do have some limitations. Since they depend on your body weight to provide resistance, they're not able to deliver variable resistance when body-weight exercises are more or less than you need. Gravity is the limiting factor, and there's no way to introduce variability in the resistance. That's where elastic resistance bands have an advantage over static suspension bands. The stretchiness of resistance bands is what makes your muscles work when you use them, so different bands with different degrees of elasticity can provide variable levels of resistance. Very stretchy bands give you a light workout, and stiff, relatively inelastic bands provide a much more rigorous workout, sometimes even more than body-weight exercises.

The Best of Both Worlds
What if you could somehow combine the stabilizing power of a suspension-band workout with the variable resistance of a resistance-band workout? You'd be able to take advantage of the core-strengthening power of suspension bands and, at the same time, draw upon the versatility of resistance bands. You'd get the best of both products while retaining their low cost and compact size.

The Revolution of ALLN-1: VRS (Variable Resistance Suspension) Bands
While we were developing our ALLN-1 fitness bench, we came up with a system for attaching and adjusting resistance bands to add versatility to the bench. Our Variable Resistance Suspension Bands, or VRS Bands for short, for which we have a patent pending, allows you to quickly and easily attach bands to incrementally increase or decrease resistance during your workout. When we saw how well the VRS bands worked with the ALLN-1, we realized that if we incorporated them into suspension-band workouts, the result would be revolutionary. So that's what we did. We developed Variable Resistance Suspension Bands, or VRS Bands for short. VRS Bands with Quick Clip technology turn ordinary suspension bands into a versatile system that can give you a much more complete workout than you can get from suspension bands alone. You can quickly and easily adjust the resistance that the bands provide, and when you want traditional body-weight resistance, you can just as easily remove the VRS Bands. It is truly the best of both worlds in one compact, convenient package. Products for Your Ideal Workout

We offer a variety of products to perfectly suit your workout needs:

  • VRS Quick Clip Kit
    Turns the suspension bands you already have into a versatile VRS system in less than 5 easy steps.

  • VRS Bands and VRS Quick Clips
    Don't have suspension bands yet? Well, we've got you covered here too. Get your workout started with a set of VRS Bands and VRS Quick Clips in a complete, ready to use package.

  • VRS Bands + VRS Quick Clips + Resistance Bar + Resistance Bands and Solo Grips
    If you're looking for a complete workout system right out of the box, purchase our total VRS solution that comes with everything you need to incorporate a full range of band exercises into your workout.

No matter which product you choose, VRS Bands will revolutionize your training band workout.

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