About Us

Al Smith, Jr. The Fitness Specialist

Born in Carson, California, Al is the son of a Compton Police Officer, the youngest of ten children. As an overweight child, Al learned the harsh reality of discrimination. Al was constantly ridiculed about his weight from friends and family. His childhood embarrassment of being overweight changed his life forever. Ironically, the unkindness he endured later gave him the strength and a desire to help others.

Al's passion to help people began at an early age. In 1992, the year of the LA Riots, he joined Community Build, Inc. to volunteer his speaking and singing abilities. At just eighteen years old, he helped produce a charity music video and raised over $300,000 for inner city children and community outreach programs. In recognition for his efforts, Congresswoman Maxine Waters presented him with a Congressional Award of Appreciation.

After that, Al learned he could do anything he put his mind to. Knowing this, he found the courage to battle a lifelong adversary- his weight. Al attended local colleges to learn about the human body. While in college, Al realized the information being taught was outdated. Armed with a strong belief of self-empowerment and a desire to succeed, Al began researching on his own. He spent seven years studying medical journals, exploring the Internet, and reading anything he could get his hands on.

In addition to his studies, Al joined the United States Army where he experimented with various diets and exercises. Al went on to earn Certifications in the latest Weight Management and Personal Training techniques, and became a United States Center for Disease Control Health Care Partner.

Once again, his dedicated efforts have produced amazing results. After years of research, Al has perfected an innovative approach to losing weight and getting in shape. It is a systematic approach to maintaining a healthy life style, using a strategic eating and exercising routine. His new method called, TrainChange, teaches people how to stay motivated about eating healthy and increasing their physical activity.

This amazing technique allowed him to go from a 230lb introvert, to 197lbs lean and muscular fitness consultant. Taking the courage from his weight loss success, he went on to author a book about his method called TrainChange: Fat Loss, compete in events like the Muscle Mania Natural Bodybuilding Championship, make TV guest appearances as a fitness consultant and competitor in extreme television sports competitions like Battle Dome, and fitness modeling.

Over the Years

With over 30 years of first hand fitness experience under his belt, and having gone from fat, to fit, to fitness consultant, his passion is to help others train their body and change their life is as strong today as when he first started his own journey. And all though he no longer engages in competitive sports, his life-long passion for fitness still keeps him training like he is, and his ongoing projects with TrainChange allow him to continue learning and sharing his experiences, to continually find new ways to help motivate and empower others on their fitness journey.