BC3 Horizontal Trainer

Have a BC3, a cycle…any cycle? You can still attend our upcoming Bionic Cardio Classes because many of the moves are the same.  Online group classes will be offered soon, Email BC3 @ TrainChange.com us for details!

BC3 Horizontal Trainer

Our patented BC3 Horizontal Trainer by Train Change Fitness is a truly unique piece of gym equipment. Why? Because there is no other machine on the market like it. No machine even draws a comparison.

What Is the BC3 Horizontal Trainer?

Bionic means the transfer of technology between manufactured to living objects. With the BC3, your body becomes a machine. No seat, no resting bars— just pure hard work and results.

BC3 stands for Bionic Cardio, Conditioning, and Core Training. The 3 Cs of any successful training regimen. This all-in-1 trainer is all you need to take your fitness to the next level.

Horizontal Trainer BC3

How Does the BC3 Horizontal Trainer Work?

The BC3 takes the world of indoor cycling and turns it on its head. This is not your typical cycle or elliptical machine. The BC3 is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) machine, and used in our Bionic Cardio group classes (click here for details).

The BC3 Horizontal Trainer combines the incline of an elliptical and advance cycling, and the intensity of core and agility strength training.

What is the Training Experience Like?

ALLN-1 BC3 Horizontal Training
ALLN-1 BC3 Horizontal Training

You know that upper body burn from doing bear crawls and pushups? The quad burn of speed and agility quick-feet drills? What about the calf burn associated with an elliptical incline or the glute burn of a cycle hover?

Now imagine a single piece of fitness equipment that does all of that at once. With the BC3, you don’t have to imagine. In a 30-minute workout, you will not only feel the burn of an intense workout, but also the fitness results that in the past could only be achieved through multiple machines.

How the BC3 Was Created

The design is intentionally simple. No fancy electronics, or WEIGHTED FLYWHEELS which typically results in the equipment doing a large portion of your workout. And unlike other machines that incorporate rotating arm movements, the Horizontal Trainer requires you to HOLD YOURSELF UP while exercising, not HOLDING ON.

This machine is for people who are serious about their fitness. This isn’t an indoor cycle or an elliptical. It is the future of the two. The BC3 is a machine that will change the way you train. You will feel the burn, sweat like you’ve just run a marathon, and feel like a machine.