F2 Functional Fitness Bar 2.0

F2Bar + 2k20 VH Seat

F2 Bar + 2k20 VH Seat

Includes: (1) 24in. inch F2 Bar (1) 24 in. 2k20 VH Seat
(1) Set of single doorframe mounts and hardware
(2) Chain Beasts Collars
(2) High Capacity Carabiners 

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Our New Functional Fitness Bar™ is a Scaled Down Version of our Innovative ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Bench!

NEW F2 (Functional Fitness) Bar Can Be Used as....*

  1. A Pull Up Bar
  2. A Standard Barbell
  3. A Resistance Band Barbell
  4. An Olympic Barbell (F2 Adapters)
  5. A Hip Thrust (2k20 VH Seat)
  6. A Heavy Bag Anchor (ALLN-1 Boxing Bag mount required)
  7. A Speed Bag Anchor (ALLN-1 Boxing Bag mount required)
  8. AND MORE!

F2 Bar Specifications...

  1. 4 ft. long extendable to  5ft with F2 Adapters
  2. Can hold up to 300 lbs.
  3. Made from commercial grade steel, but weighs less than 10 lbs.
  4. Fits all standard size doors from 28 to 32 inches
  5. Only takes seconds to assemble

*Some configuration parts sold separately.

ALLN-1™ Equipment is Designed to Make Training CONVENIENT...so You Can Remain CONSISTENT!

Buns & Guns Training Package


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Buns, Guns & Boxing Training Package
for Men

Everything you need to build your booty, biceps and everything in between!

Buns And Guns Training Package

Includes: (1) ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Bar (1) ALLN-1 Multi-function Resistance Band Barbell (1 Set) ALLN-1 VRS Clips (4 totaal) (1 Set) ALLN-1 PlyoBands (2 total) (1) ALLN-1 PlyoBelt Basic (2) ALLN-1 Mini Bands (2 total) (4) ALLN-1 Carabiners

Why Buns, Guns & BOXING
Training Specifically for Men, You Ask?

As we are entering 2020 those that are still defining masculinity by the exercises a person does or doesn't do definitely needs to read this. For those that have already matured past that level of thinking, they’ll likely enjoy the SCIENCE and rational as to the benefits of trying a Buns & Guns exercise routine.

F2 Bar Upper Body Training

First, we don’t even have to cover the benefit of training your guns because that’s a given—everyone appreciates a nice set of sculpted arms, and exercises traditionally used to developed ones guns look even cooler while doing them in the mirror. Buns on the other hand, that’s an entirely different story. Well, at least for men.

F2 Bar Lower Body Training

Current REAL SCIENCE: Anyone that has a pelvic floor should be doing some type of pelvic exercise because as we get older our pelvic floor weakens. A weakened pelvic floor contributes to the problem of incontinence as we age. And in case you haven't heard by now, both women and men have a pelvic floor.

Men Need to Train Their Pelvic Floor Too!

Pelvic Floor Training

Most people only think of doing pelvic thrusting exercises for the aesthetics and physical strength. Specifically, hip and pelvic exercises are great for developing the lower body like thighs and boot'ay! But pelvic thrust exercises also have a functional purpose of strengthening the muscles of the pelvic region. For men, strengthening these muscles contributes to stronger and longer lasting erections; for women, well...pelvic thrusting is good ole Kegel exercising 101 which will also improve orgasms.

So if you thought hip thrusting was just to make your booty look great you now know there are more functional reasons to do the exercises (other than to have people throw quarters at your booty to see if they bounce off while wearing jeans). Yeap, got’ta admit…that’s pretty cool too, though.

Now you know, and knowing is half the FITNESS battle!


More Innovative ALLN-1® Equipment Configurations & Workout Ideas!

F2 Adapters

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Purchase two or more!

F2 Adapters

Use these customized ALLN-1 F2 Adapters to convert your standard Any 1" or 1.25" inch barbell to use Olympic plates, Kettlebells and a Yoke Stack!.

This PATENT PENDING solution allows you to COMBINE Olympic Plates with Resistance Bands! By combining free-weight with resistance bands, you'll have the natural feel of lifting with free-weights, but you can easily add MORE, INCREMENTAL RESISTANCE with the resistance bands.

(1) F2 Adapter (Sizes available 4",  8" or 12")
Made from commercial grade, 12 gauge, polished steel
(1) F2 Chain Connector
(1) Connector chain lock bolt
(1) High capacity carabiner 


VRS PlyoBelt InfoGraph

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PlyoBelt PRO - Color
Black (SOLD OUT - More coming soon!)
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Want a Compact Piece of Equipment that Can Give you a Full Body Workout?

With our patented VRS Clips and PlyoBelt you can easily connect to everyday household items as them as gym equipment.

The PlyoBelt is designed to function as training belt (shown in figure 1),  ankle and wrist straps (shown in figure 2) and even hand grips and a shoulder harness (shown in figure 3).

VRS Clips provide the connected resistance and the PlyoBelt provides the equipment.

Requires: (1) ALLN-1 PlyoBelt, (4) Carabiners, (1+) Resistance Bands & VRS Clips
Watch Demonstration Video (Coming Soon)

Configuration for Multi-Function Resistance Band Barbell

VRS Clips Resistance Band Barbell

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Multi-Function Resistance Band Barbell

Want to add some variety beyond using hand grips in your workout?
With VRS Clips you can add variety to your basic hand grip band workouts by using our heavy duty, resistance barbell.  What make this custom barbell unique is that the eyelets are designed for use with resistance bands, and it can be unscrewed and disassembly into three 19 in. sections for easy storage.

Configuration Requires: (1) Multi-Function Resistance Band Barbell, (2) Carabiners, (1+) Resistance Bands, (2) Door Anchors & (4) VRS Clips
Optional: ALLN-1 Multi-Function Strap
Watch Demonstration Video (Coming Soon)

Tired of Being Limited by Traditional Suspension and Resistance Band Configurations?

Try our patented VRS Clips to that turn ordinary suspension band workouts into amazing resistance bands workouts!

We Are Constantly Coming Up with New Ideas to Make Training More Efficient!

Get notified about our latest ALLN-1® fitness product discounts and updates, along with NEW Easy & Smarter Training Routines!