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Badass Booty Bands

Are you Ready for a Beauty Queen Fitness Routine???

If you answered yes, and who wouldn’t, the Beauty Queen Fitness Starter Kit is the most effective way to help you get the physique of your dreams. This kit contains the equipment and professional guidance you need to enjoy the process of building an amazing body.  Firming and tightening your body should start from the bottom up and the Beauty Queen Fitness Starter Kit will definitely help your bottom!

But the real benefit of focusing on continuous physical self-improvement is how good it will make you feel! The experience of taking–both your mind and body–to new levels of performance provides a sense of rejuvenating, and increased self-confidence.  Watching this transformation take place in yourself turns what most people think of boring exercise routines into challenging and motivating activities you can actually ENJOY.


Advanced Cardio Sliders

Unlike other fitness programs, the Beauty Queen Fitness Starter Kit is filled with exercise routines that are designed by the best in the business—professional beauty and fitness professionals who have successfully used the same techniques and programs to build their physique.

With the Beauty Queen Fitness Starter Kit, you will begin to see noticeable changes in four to six weeks providing you consistently follow the routines. After all, any transformation worth having requires some type of extra work and effort otherwise everyone would have a beauty queen body!

The Beauty Queen Fitness Starter Kit is used in all of our live Fitness Boot Camps with amazing success!Badass Booty Bands Booty Boot Camp

Building a beautiful physique should not come at an outrageous cost. We want everyone to be able to build the body of their dreams. For this reason, the BeautyQueen Fitness Starter Kit is an affordable alternative to our more advanced Beauty Queen Fitness Routine products.

We stand by our claims that our fitness starter kit will help you reach your fitness goals. That’s why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Test our product with NO RISK to you! Other fitness products may make promises they can’t keep, but not us. We are positive that you will fall in love with our program AND your results.



Badass Booty Bands | Badass Elastic Bands | Advanced Cardio Sliders

Badass Beauty Booty Starter KitThe Beauty Queen Fitness Starter Kit gives you the freedom and flexibility to train your where you want, when you want and how you want. Our program uses equipment that is small and portable, yet highly effective. The Badass Booty Bands, Badass Elastic Bands and Cardio Gliders can go wherever you go. Now you have no more excuses to skip a day of training.

As part of your Consistency Program, you will receive:

Badass Booty Bands

  • 3 Badass Booty Hip Bands: Light, Medium, Heavy 
  • 4 Badass Booty Elastic Bands: X-Light, Light, Medium, Heavy 
  • ALLN-1® Advanced Cardio Sliders
  • Beauty Booty Training Routines!


Booty Boot Camp Training Guide

Gluteal Deltoid

As an added bonus, but for a limited time, we are including our Booty Boot Camp Training Guide—a comprehensive guide of tricks and tips to target specific areas of your booty. We have taken the guesswork out of training to ensure that every exercise you do for your booty gives you the results you want. Less guessing means less wasted effort and quicker results!

Just click the “Buy Now” button, provide your information and your Beauty Queen Fitness Kit will be immediately shipped to you so that you can start building your booty just in time for summer. This is one fitness purchase that will definitely affect your bottom line—in a good way!

Get Started TODAY for Just $24.99
This Price is only for a limited time!

Beauty Queen Fitness Starter Kit
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