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When you hire a fitness professional to help you reach a fitness goal, are you doing it to spend time with them or because you want to see results?

As explained in our book TrainChange® Fat Loss & Embrace The Yo Yo BlogCast (Click here to read EmbraceTheYoYo) we only have one objective with our clients and that is to: DELIVER RESULTS!

If you'd like our help with getting started on your fitness journey, Al Smith, Jr. and his TrainChange Fitness Specialists are prepared to share their years of real-world weight loss experience, competitive bodybuilding, figure fitness coaching, martial arts and personal training expertise to deliver the results you want.  We guarantee it is the best, and most effective in-person and online training options available!

The double edge sword is that training 5 days a week for 30-minutes a session isn't possible for most people. But like it or not, that is the minimum amount of time you need to dedicate to your fitness goal if you want to see any type of substantial results.  Given that, you have 3 options....

  1. Quit and say fitness isn't for you.
  2. Continue doing what you're doing and expect to see different results.
  3. Level Up Option I and start going to the gym 5 days a week for at least 30-45 min a session.
  4. Level UP Option II Workout at home (or other places) instead of the gym.

At TrainChange Fitness, QUITTING IS NEVER AN OPTION for because our passion is CREATING SIMPLE SOLUTIONS TO COMPLEX PROBLEMS! That is why we created our ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Product Line.  Our equipment is designed so you can remain CONSISTENT on your fitness routine.  Because whether you decide to train at the gym or at home, we've designed our equipment so that you can always achieve an effective, high intensity workout--no matter where you decide to train! 

Embrace The Yo Yo Online Training

Our EmbraceTheYoYo long-term fitness program is available NATIONWIDE using our live, instructor-led virtual training programs.  It's designed to be a scalable fitness strategy that provides busy people with the tools required to consistently incorporate NUTRITION and EXERCISE into strategic, daily routines, to achieve both short-term and LIFELONG SUCCESS.

We use our exclusive patented fitness equipment and will have it shipped to your home or office anywhere in the continental US at no additional cost to you.

PlyoBelt PRO Portable Fitness Trainer

There is no other professional online fitness program--this comprehensive--available!

Basic Online Personal Training
Plus, one time $49 Setup fee
Advanced Online Personal Training
Plus, one time $49 Setup fee
Premium Online Personal Training & Coaching
Plus, one time $49 Setup fee

In-Person Mobile Fitness Studio

Powered by the innovation of our patented ALLN-1® Function Fitness BenchsMMAsher™ and RackTraX™ F2HIIT System, our new 208 square foot Mobile Fitness Studios are portable fitness facilities that offer HIIT, Kickboxing, MMA training, Cardio, Strength and custom Boot Camps along with fitness and competition workshops, delivered where and when YOU want to train!  (Currently only offered in Sammamish, WA)

Mobile Fitness Studio
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