TrainChange Exercise Routines

Our TrainChange Fitness Consultants can help you reach your fitness goal by creating customized exercise routines that are developed in accordance with your body type. By targeting your red muscle fibers and white muscle fibers, we're able to increase your overall muscle energinics and training performance. To ensure consistency in your HIIT exercise routine and guarantee that our TrainChange Fitness Consultants can personally correct your form whenever needed, the routines we provide are designed to be used on the ALLN-1® Exercise Bench. If you're an experienced athlete, however, you'll be able to replicate the routines on your own in most commercial gyms. The benefit to this approach is that it enables us to standardize the delievery of TESTED exercise routines, thereby ensuring that you always doing the most effective and safest exercises: based on their current level of experience.


Exercise is the best way to increase your metabolism and energy level. It turns up your fat-burning furnace. Intense activity forces your body to convert fat calories into energy. The more intense the activity the more calories you burn. Done in the form of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), exercise promotes muscle growth, which metabolizes more calories into energy; and as your muscles continue to grow, the more energy they require.