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F2 Training System

Build an F2 Training Bundle that's Right for YOU!
Our equipment is meant for ADVANCED users, not the mass market, so we're disrupting the fitness industry by designing INNOVATIVE workout equipment using...plain old common sense, first hand gym experience and most importantly, SCIENCE!

For Maximum Efficiency and Training Results
No Cookie Cutter Fitness Equipment!

Custom F2 Bar Options

ChainBest with NEW rtHooks for Chains, Flat and Tube Resistance Band training

Designed for Training with Resistance Bands and Chains!


We Develop Innovative Training Solutions,
While they Build Cookie Cutter Fitness Products
(We just can't spell! 😀)

F2 Olympic Sleeve Adapter | Loader Pin | Resistance Band Connector

Starting at $24.99

F2 Olympic Sandbags

F2 Olympic Sandbags

  • TWO F2 Olympic Sandbags
  • TWO F2 Olympic Sandbags ankle straps
  • ONE F2 Olympic Sandbag training poster

Starting at | $24.99

F2 Reformer Resistance Bands + PlyoBelt Bundle

  • THREE VRS Clips
  • TWO VRS Mini Door Anchors
  • THREE ALLN-1 High Capacity Carabiners
  • ONE PlyoBelt Single Grip/Straps
  • FOUR F2 Adjustable Resistance Straps

2k20 SR Extender

2k20 F2 Bench SR + IsoResistance Platform
(See Video)

NEW Package Options!

  • 2k20 F2 SR Bench
  • ONE F2 Bar
  • ONE IsoResistance Platform
  • TWO F2 8" Olympic Adapters
  • FOUR VRS Clips
  • FOUR F2 Adjustable Resistance Straps

    FREE SHIPPING in the US!

As Low As $55/month with affirm

F2 QuickHIITs

The ALLN-1 F2 product line is developed by, and exclusive to TrainChange Fitness.

Unlike most traditional fitness equipment, we don't want customers to have to waste money purchasing multiple products if what they NEED to workout can simply be combined

All you Need for a QUICK total body Workout are F2 Olympic Sandbags, F2 Adapters and a PlyoBelt!

F2 Training System
See More F2 Workouts

Who F2 Equipment is NOT For
Those that get easily frustrated assembling things like Lego sets or IKEA products, ALLN-1 equipment is definitely not for you. Your time and desire, to solve problems using basic DIY solutions is the tradeoff between personalized
fitness equipment vs. cookie cutter equipment. Please take this into consideration before purchasing any of our ALLN-1 F2 products.

F2 Adapters

Olympic Adapters
(See Video)

F2 Olympic Adapters allow you to convert your standard 1" or 1.25" inch barbell to use Olympic plates and Resistance bands to enhance your progress vie resistance training routine. They can also be used individually as Power Pins, Kettlebells, Yoke Stacks!


(See Video)

F2 Chain Beasts allow to perform isometric and progressive resistance training with chains or bands. Use them to convert ANY bar into an isometric barbell for use with resistance bands, chains or whatever type of resistance you want to use.

F2 Bar Series

F2 Bar Series
(See Video)

Our patent pending F2 Bar series leverages our ChainBeast, VRS Clips and F2 Adapters to bring you the most advanced fitness bar features all in one! It can be used with the resistance bands, free-weight, chains and body weight. Easily connect your desired form of training resistance using ChainBeast for bands and chains or use our F2 Adapters for use with Olympic plates or F2 Olympic Sandbags. The innovative design of the F2 bars and barbells also makes them easy to transport and store because they can be unscrewed and disassembled into multiple sections. 

F2 + 2k20 + Sandbag + VRS Package

F2 Modular Gym Seat + IsoResistance

When most people think of hip thrust, the first thing that comes to mind is butt exercise equipment. However, anyone with a pelvic floor should be doing some type of pelvic exercises with hip thrust equipment, because as we get older our pelvic floor weakens. Our patent pending* F2 Modular Gym Seat will allow you to perform numerous variations of pelvic strengthen exercises in addition to popular hip thrusts for developing glutes.

F2 Olympic Sandbag & Adapter Set

F2 Olympic Sandbags & Adapter Bundle
(See Video)

Use with Sand or Olympic Plates - This innovative patent pending solution offers you the most features for your money!  Combine the F2 Olympic adapters with training Olympic plates or the included F2 Olympic sandbags for use as dumbbells, kettlebell and barbell attachments.

F2 IsoResistance Portable Gym Platform

Platform Bundle
(See Video)

The F2 Portable Gym Platform is a modular, isometric and resistance platform. Similar to our F2 Bar, it's designed to be the portable and versatile, home fitness equipment. But unlike the F2 Bar, it doesn't have to be connected to a door.

In addition to our F2 IsoResistance Platform, F2 Bar and 2k20 VH Seat we offer other innovative forms of progressive resistance options that are intuitively designed to work together--to ensure you get maximum REUSE out of all your ALLN-1 Functional Fitness products--while at the same time, saving you MONEY! It's the most efficiently designed home gym equipment available.

Get More Workout Ideas

F2 PlyoBar & F2 Glute Bench
Do Professional Hip Thrusts at home...and MORE!

Our original F2 PlyoBar was a big hit, but the cost to develop was too complicated for the price. So we put it on the backburner and went back to the drawing board. Then, while developing our new F2 Adapters* we realized there was a better way to not only improve the original F2 Bar, but also create an entirely new 2k20 Functional Fitness bench(less?). This is the result!

NOTE: Some of the videos still show our original F2 Bar as we're in the process of updating them with the new F2 Bar 2.0. All purchases will be for the F2 Bar 2.0.

Barbell Ab Crunch

Reformer Bar

The patent pending* F2 Reformer Bar is a modular, resistance band and isometric anchoring bar. It's designed to be the most portable and versatile, home fitness equipment ever developed. In addition to being able to connect suspension and resistance bands, it's strong enough to be used as a pullup bar and boxing bag anchor. And it's great for isometric contraction workouts and abdomen exercise equipment. Incorporate any type of straps, harness or even heavy bags into your workout from the comfort of your home.

F2 Olympic Adapter Windmills


Our patent pending F2 Olympic Sandbag can be used individually or as filler sandbags used inside a larger carrier sandbag. You can easily adapt your workout routines by adding or removing the filler bags, making this sandbag set ideal hiit equipment suitable for people of all fitness levels. They are currently available in 5lbs with 10lbs, 15lbs and 20lbs. coming soon!.

Seated Band Squat

F2 Bar + Glute Bench + F2 Straps

What do you get when you combine three amazing ALLN-1 home fitness products? Pure AWESOME! As we say here at TrainChange Fitness, our ALLN-1 products work great by their selves, but even better together! And that's exactly what you're going to get when you purchase the F2 Bar, F2 Bench and F2 Straps! It's simple, affordable and can be used as total body, overall exercise equipment.

See What Else F2 Can Do for YOU!

IsoResistance Platform

With just 5 pieces of F2 equipment and 5x5 ft. of space, you can perform the most ADVANCED, functional fitness training routines ever developed! The complete F2 Training System consists of the F2 Bar, F2 Adapters, F2 ChainBeast, F2 IsoResistance Platform, and the F2 VRS Clips & Adjustable Straps

CREATIVE FITNESS PROFESSIONALS will be able to see how all of the free weight shown above, can even be replaced by bands!

Free weights are now optional!

About the Inventor of the ALLN-1 Product Line

Having spent over 30 years in fitness as a life long natural bodybuilder, personal trainer and fitness consultant, the next challenge I wanted to take on was to FINALLY develop intelligent fitness equipment, by combining my years of experience ALLN-1.

Al Smith, Jr.

About Al Smith, Jr.

Customer Testimonials
(Yes, our customers help us make our videos!)

F2 Platform

(F2 Platform) You will get a good sweat out of it, as well as getting those muscle gains

Shout out to TrainChange Fitness ...has without a doubt the best versatile platform for iso and resistance training. You will get a good sweat out of it, as well as getting those muscle gains.

Note: Solomon lost the weight before using the F2 Platform, but the F2 Platform is now part of his training and maintenance UNLOCK! Isaac is also now part of our online F2 HIIT online training team!

Isaac S.

Customer Testimonial

(VRS) clips into the rotation to help dial in the tension I’m looking to achieve

The VRS clips added to standard 32” or 41” bands really provide the minute increases that using bands alone is hard to achieve. Triceps-32”SS green Kickbacks-41”Quantum orange w/RB handles

FS-31”SS green w/TrainChange Fitness VRS clips (this really added the tension I wanted at the top without making the entire tension curve too much on the e eccentric portion)

Thuan N.

Joe Kiyose Ifbb Pro

It's a creative all-in-one solution

"...its innovative design which allows you to easily clip on bands and chains, I think its a very useful piece of equipment. Particularly, for those who use isometrics, resistance bands and body weight exercises. And for the hardcore weight lifters who still want to use weights, this barbell allows you to do so. It's a creative all-in-one solution". 

J. Kiyose, IFBB Pro

Attorney, American College of Sports Medicine-CPT

Creator of FaceBook Group:
Bodybuilding Without Lifting Weights (only Isometrics, Bands & Bodyweight)

F 2Bar Testimonial

So I really like the bar.

"I ended up having to put it in at work at a wider door opening with metal frame.  I have been using it as a solid mount for a multitude of exercises.  The photos are of my student working on resisted lunges and resisted jumping."

Dr. Kushner, PT, DPT, OCS

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

Holy crap, thank you!!! [F2 Barbell]

I don't usually gush over workout equipment, and yours is outstanding!!! Seriously, first off your customer service was great and I see why, because your product is outstanding!!! Well made, solid construction and attention to detail of your product!!! At first I thought the bar was a bit long, but once I attached one of bands, spot on the money!!!

Please send me more information about the rest of the products. Honestly im not many people make something the well!!!

John H.

F2 Bar Testimonial

Solid, versatile, ingenious product!

I waited a bit to get it, but it was definitely worth the wait. It's solid, versatile, and a perfect fit for my small gym set up. I don't have room for a lot of plates for squats and looked for days for the right bar. I wasn't sure if what I was looking for even existed. At first I considered the bar used for portable pilates, but they are not a match for my goals. I needed something that could hold up to a lot more stress.

My first workout with the olympic resistance band bar, I thought if I put too much pressure on the bands while doing squats, the clips would give and I might even end up hurting my back. I was happy to be wrong about that. I feel more comfortable now after putting it to the test on a few exercises for the past 2 weeks: squats, military press, curls, pull-ups, bench press. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I'll post an update after a few months regarding durability.

Amazon Customer May 16, 2020

I love them [ChainBeasst]

I have these and use them to attach bands to my barbells. The collars themselves are strong..

I can use both free weights and bands at the same time. I used them for the first time about two weeks ago...The strength curve was perfect. When I first grabbed the bar I thought, holy sh*t...I wasn't sure I could curl it once. I was able to squeeze out 8 reps and every inch of every rep was brutal!

Chris M.

Additional Training Resources


Not sure why or how to incorporate isometrics, bands and chains into your training routine? Well, if you appreciate leveraging science to build more effective and intelligent training routines, here's a GREAT article on isometric and resistance band training by Dr. Joel Seedman, Ph.D..

F2 Olympic Adapter Training Poster

About Us

TrainChange Fitness is a small company that started as a simple idea to create a multi-function, an ALL IN ONE fitness bench back in 2014. The success of that idea has turned into a passion of innovating our complete line of ALLN-1 functional fitness products.

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