Frequently Asked Questions

What makes TrainChange™ different from other fitness programs and training products?

TrainChange Fitness provides virtual personal training and fitness consulting to people that are committed to reaching their fitness goals. Our focus is helping our clients achieve results by providing you with long-term training strategies built around consistency, nutrition and exercise.

With our new ALLN-1(Patents Pending) versatile fitness bench, we're able to provide you with new types of personal and group training classes that will boost your results by helping you take your training intensity to the next level. All the while, you are guaranteed to learn proper training form and receive sound nutrition advice that can be applied anywhere, and used today, tomorrow and 10 years from now, giving you the fitness confidence you need so that you can always: Train your body, to Change your life.

How the TrainChange™ ALLN-1 Will Fit Your Life, Your Home, and Your Workout?

I’m just as skeptical of anyone making claims that their fitness product is the best and most beneficial workout money can buy. I’ve seen how the fads come and go, and I’m not interested in those peaks and pits. I’m interested in getting the best, safest, and most powerful workout I can.

I just never knew it was going to take me down this path.

What I do believe is that most people genuinely want to make positive changes in their body, and life—but simply don’t know what it takes, or how to do it. Unfortunately, because we’ve been programmed with misleading marketing about how we can get in shape, instead of actual science, the average fitness consumer doesn’t know what’s actually required to achieve their fitness goals? Women want that rocking beach body that is tight in all the right areas. Guys want to be fitter and more muscular, always focusing on a few specific muscle groups to improve their physique. And of course, everyone wants a six-pack. What people fail to understand is that fitness professionals train really hard to get their physique, both mentally and physically. And 9 times out of 10 that amazingly shredded fitness model that you see on the cover of fitness magazines, has typically spent 6-10 weeks of hardcore dieting to look their best for that 2-hour photoshoot. But what consumers don’t realize is that if that model isn’t a genetically lean person, or have a lean body type 3-4 days after the photo shoot their body goes back to its “normal” state (a thorough discussion of this critical topic is beyond the scope of this FAQ but discussed in detail in my book TrainChange: Fat Loss). That said, for people that dedicate their lives to fitness normal for them is still well beyond the average physique, but it’s nowhere near the condition you see on the cover of magazines. In other words, even top models don’t, and more importantly can’t, keep their body in cover photo magazine condition all year round. This “behind the scenes” fitness fact, plus many others, is part of the deprogramming which makes for one of the biggest challenges in trying to help people get in shape and stay in shape the right way.

So fighting to achieve an unrealistic image that the media has created for you in your mind, is a constant uphill battle—even for us fitness professionals.

That said, I’ve always taken pride in trying to offer a fitness solution based on honesty and integrity. From the very beginning of my career I’ve always told my clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. Or as my dad called it, “A reality check chat”.

And so my ALLN-1 fitness bench is a workout solution to one of the many uphill challenges of reaching a fitness goal. I strived to keep the cost low and value high by making versatile and reusable, all the while trying to avoid making it intimidating-ly complex, like a lot of gym equipment.

Today, I’m happy to say that after 10 years of trying to find a way to solve these problems, the TrainChange ALLN-1 is another option that’s finally ready to be added to the TrainChange suite of products.

Where Did the ALLN-1 Come From?

In my years of work in the fitness industry, I noticed how there are certain exercises that have more impact and produce more effective, and prominent results. I noticed that across many different exercise routines or regimens, like CrossFit, TRX, or any form of High Intensity Interval Training routines (HIIT), the fundamental movements are always going to be the same. For example, you can only train the two muscles that make up the bicep so many ways, regardless of how many bicep exercises you perform. And you understand this when, as I always teach my clients, to: focus on training the MUSCLE, not the EXERCISE.

The fact is even though we need and must incorporate sensible variation into our exercise routines, most people aren’t able to follow a routine consistently enough to ever see results from their routines. And more than likely, by the time the routine is even starting to work, by providing enough constant stimulation to force muscle adaptation to occur, the person changes their routine. This occurrence is usually a result of two things. First, since we’ve been programmed to believe that results are supposed to happen fast, when we don’t see rapid results we assume that what we’re doing isn’t working therefore we stop doing routines long before they have a chance to see their benefits. Second, we get bored with routines and constantly want to try something new. However, that boredom in your routine is what makes it work. Hence, when it comes to exercise, consistency is your best friend and worst enemy. And the solution to that is to stick with the basics, do them well, every day, and instead of changing the routine as your first option when you become bored with your training, think about ways you can increase the intensity of your exercise first. This will not only make your exercise routines more effective, it also makes them safer because you aren’t constantly having to increase the weight, thereby constantly stressing your joints and ligaments in order to “feel” as though you’re getting results. A no pain, no gain training philosophy only works for so long and becomes counter intuitive, if you have a long term goal of maintaining a healthy body, over your lifetime.

Long-term fitness success is the cornerstone of TrainChange, and precisely why I built the ALLN-1 the way I did.

To reinforce long term positive healthy behavior, I built the ALLN-1 training program around the age old 3 phased approach to learning, and applied it to physical training. First, there is the Basic Level, or Know Nothing phase, where customers simply focus on learning how to use proper form to train each muscle group on the ALLN-1. The routines are intentionally meant to be basic so that they can master fundamental movements that stimulate their muscles. Second, is the Intermediate Level where they learn how to increase the intensity of their training by focusing on where and how specific exercises make their muscles feel. Understand this, the feeling I’m talking about goes beyond feeling the burn: it’s about connecting the mind with the muscle. As a result it’s from this new mental connection with your muscles and increased level of intensity that will actually allow you to see faster results because you’ll now know how to isolate and target specific muscles, both physically and mentally. Moreover, this newly achieved higher level of training intensity not only stimulates and promotes muscle growth faster, it also increases the benefits of cardiovascular training that can be achieved during resistance training—and not just cardio on machines. Lastly, in the Advanced stage, with your new training foundation based on good form that promotes effectiveness and safety, and leveraging the mental focus required to connect the mind with the muscle, and resisting the boredom associated with following a routine, a customer can now enter what fitness professionals know as entering the Zone. Upon reaching this new level of performance you can use the ALLN-1 to safely incorporate new and challenging exercises into your existing routines, like HALO fly’s, Raise & Repels, Water Ski Rows and of course, Hip Thrusters.

And yet even though these moves look and sound advanced they are simply variations of basic muscle training movements. The hip thruster exercise, specifically, is one of those movements.

Hip thrusters is not a new exercise by any means. This physical therapy movement, often referred to as pelvic bridges, was recently incorporated into popular workout routines as an effective way to work ones glutes to get a tight and toned derriere with maximum impact. However, I also noticed how improper form on these hip thrusters could damage the lower back and pelvic area.

That’s how the ALLN-1 came into being. It started from a need to develop a solution that allowed users to easily setup and get into hip thrusting position, safely; without losing the benefits derived from the awkward position of the exercise. But, there was a definite fitness machine gap in the market for a safe way to perform this maneuver. After I had solved that problem, I applied the principle of training the muscle and not the exercise, and found that I could modify my new hip thruster machine to become more powerful and effective across all muscle groups, with the end result being the new ALLN-1 fitness bench.

How Does the ALLN-1 Work?

After intensive research, endless modifications and tinkering I ended up with an exercise bench that could be used to perform over 100 exercises to define and sculpt ones body. Yes, you can perform safe hip thrusters in an easy way, but you can also do so much more. One of the biggest challenges I’m facing with explaining this product to people is that we’ve also been programmed to think that in order for a workout to be effective, it must be hard and super expensive. You only have to look at gym memberships to see how people will pay exorbitant amounts to access equipment that can be challenging and off-putting to use. But I’ve always subscribed to a minimalist philosophy of always striving to achieve maximum results, with the least amount of effort possible. And that minimalist philosophy was used to design the ALLN-1 from the ground up.

The ALLN-1’s™ patent pending design enables it to be modified according to your ever changing fitness levels.

Along with your body weight, which is one of the most effective exercise tools you have, you can use free weights and resistance bands to amplify your workout to new heights. Upon reaching this stage of development, I then reached into my network of fellow trainers, friends still on the competitive fitness circuit, and several design engineers to refine my idea further. And from all of their input and feedback, we were able to incorporate even more features to ensure you can perform effective workouts that are challenging and yet safe, combined with enough functional versatility to keep you mentally engaged and wanting to surprise yourself with what new performance fetes you can reach.

Additionally, we came up with a “Quick Clip” design to ensure that you can adjust your ALLN-1 as you need to, incrementally. Essentially, we’ve gotten rid of the need for bulky and redundant gym machines and narrowed them all down into a simple, singular machine that can move when you need it and the way you need it. This way, you actually can get fitter, faster, by being able to maintain a CONSISTENT exercise routine in your daily life, at home—or wherever you’re inspiration to achieve greatness takes you that day.

How WIll the ALLN-1 Fit In My Lifestyle?

I’ll never say that the ALLN-1 is better than going to a gym. Nor would I want to encourage someone to stop something that has been working for them (unless it’s just totally unsafe and you don’t realize it). I don’t want you to stop your CrossFit exercises. I don’t want to interrupt your TRX training. I don’t want to halt your HIIT routines. What I want to do for beginners, and anyone struggling to get in shape, is start by de-programming their idea that fitness can be achieved by just exercising 3 days a week, at a moderate level?! Science has shown that the only benefit to exercising 3 days a week is that it only teaches people that they need to exercise at least 5 days a week, at a moderate to high intensity level if they really want to see results and make change happen. So for them, that means this can be accomplish by having immediate access to ALLN-1 when they can’t or don’t, feel like going to the gym on a particular day. And for those that have already mastered the motivation and discipline of following an exercise routine consistently, I want the ALLN-1 to challenge them to find new ways to safely go from a level “10” (to quote one of my favorite movies, Toy Story) “To Infinity and beyond”. And, personally, as someone that has a body type that has a propensity to store fat instead of burn it, I too wanted a means to work out at home when I can’t get to the gym, yet still be effective, engaging and most importantly able to blast my fat and keep my muscles toned. These are the true benefits of the ALLN-1 approach to training.

It will add intensity to your High Intensity Interval Training. It will supplement your CrossFit WODs. It will basically fit into your life and whatever workout regimen or exercise routine that you love. With the over 100 exercises that you can perform with the AllN-1™, you won’t ever be stuck looking for a new fitness routine again.

How Can I Get the ALLN-1?

The TrainChange ALLN-1 is currently in its final stage of refinement and will be ready to ship out mid-January 2017. We will be offering it through Kickstarter first, starting early November 2016. So for now, you can simply contact us through our site, or head over to our Facebook page and Like Us. That way you’ll be instantly notified when the ALLN-1 is ready, and be one of the first to join us on our Kickstarter campaign.

You won’t want to miss out when the ALLN-1 becomes available on Kickstarter as it’s initial offering on there will be heavily discounted to get it off the ground, and you won’t see it priced that low ever again. I’d hate for people that really want to make a fitness change in their life miss out on this incredible opportunity.

You can get fitter. You can get leaner. You can get stronger. But you have to make the start by fitting fitness, into your daily life. And that’s what the ALLN-1 is meant to do.