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The Early Opportunity you’ve been Waiting for is Knocking!
When it comes to fitness services, everyone pretty much offers the same thing.  Every gym and personal trainer has access to all of the same equipment, that is if they have the money to even purchase the equipment.  Purchasing the various pieces of equipment required to open and operate a studio is the most cost prohibitive aspect to opening a fitness studio.  Worse yet, an investment in quality equipment usually results in being a waste of money as the equipment sits on the floor because it rarely achieves 100% utilization.

An ALLN-1® Partnership is Your Chance to Rise above the “Fitness Noise” with a Unique Selling Proposition

Every great business must have some type of unique selling proposition (USP).  What’s yours?

We’re offering the benefits of an ALLN-1® Total Fitness Business Solution to a select few trainers and studios to leverage our USP to build and grow your fitness business.

Not only is our ALLN-1 an innovative piece of fitness equipment that allows trainers and studio owners to offer clients big results, with a small footprint…it’s a strategic, multi-income stream business development roadmap.

You bring the drive to work hard and we’ll provide the resources you need to succeed as your very own ALLN-1 Training Partner.

  • Onsite Training
  • Free Website with SEO for your location
  • Real Leads in your area
  • Support and so much more…

Our ALLN-1  Total Fitness Business Solution program gives fitness businesses access to a range of turnkey fitness training services that span from Group X Training, Personal Training, Mobile Training and even Remote TrainingAdditional revenue streams are also available through product offerings such as equipment rentals and sales, and of course fitness accessories.  As an ALLN-1 licensed partner, you’ll be able to choose as many income streams as you want to grow your business, but without the traditional constraints of time and money!

ALLN-1 Fitness Network &
Partnering Options

  1. ALLN-1 Online Fitness Specialists
  2. ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Bench & Territory Licensing

ALLN-1 Online Fitness Specialists

Details coming soon! 

ALLN-1 Barre Group Training

ALLN-1 Functional
Fitness Bench
& Territory Licensing

Our patented ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Bench can be configured into entirely different pieces of fitness equipment to perform over 174 different exercises.  Trainers can create customized circuits like HIIT classes or Booty Bootcamps for their clients daily, weekly or in

ALLN-1 Micro Studio Option

Periodization programs.

  • We offer a turnkey Fitness Programming Equipment Package with Franchise and Licensing Options (F/LO)
  • We offer a single piece of commercial fitness equipment, similar to the indoor cycling concept, but the fitness equipment can be transformed into entirely different pieces of fitness equipment using the same core parts.
    Function Fitness Studio
  • Save Money by reducing part variation, long-term maintenance cost and requires one set of training manuals for knowledge transfer.
  • Rent Out Equipment to other trainers and consumers during low-usage periods of equipment.
  • Invest in boutique fitness outfits that concentrated on more high-end or niche customers with better cost dynamics and cash flow.

The ALLN-1 weighs less than 60 lbs., only 48”L by 28” W and can be wall mounted for extra support and storage space.  Its compact design is an ideal space saver for boutique studios, or to offer new fitness programming to an existing gym!

ALLN-1 Booty Bootcamp Circuit
ALLN-1 Booty Bootcamp Circuit


  • Easily launch an ALLN-1 Fitness Program or Studio with a limited space.
  • Only ALLN-1 Fitness F/LO owners can purchase ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Benches and get certified as a licensed ALLN-1 Fitness Trainer provider.
  • Owners can start with as few as 5 ALLN-1 Functional Benches and progressively scale up to multiple benches, at which time, the ALLN-1 Mobile Fitness Studio or ALLN-1 Fitness Studio options would be available to them.Mobile Fitness Studio

The ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Bench is exclusively available through TrainChange Fitness and licensees, and for a limited time we’re offering 1 year, exclusive territory licensing options to new licensees.

For more information about becoming an ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Bench licensee call 888-858-7746 or CLICK HERE to email us.