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Designed to Fit Different Budgets and Training Requirements, the ALLN-1 Total Functional Fitness Training System SCALES UP or DOWN as Needed!

You're guaranteed to be to able perform the BEST FUNDAMENTAL exercises that normally requires over 5 different pieces you'd use in the gym.

The compact design means you can do everything from traditional barbell hip thrusts with Olympic plates using a flat bench back rest or even the articulating backrest version (also originally developed by us), all the way to racked squats, bench presses and even suspension and resistance band core work.

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2k20 Micro Version
(Hip Thrust Only)
Starting at JUST $349

The 2k20 Micro Functional Fitness Bench is a scaled down version of our 2k20 Total Functional Fitness Training System.

While you'll still be able to do many of the exercises Total Functional Fitness Training System exercises, the 2k20 Micro was specifically designed to be budget friendly for those most interested in training their glutes, with specialized exercises like hip thrusts, glute bridges, etc.

Best of all, our use of modular design allows the ALLN-1 2k20 to be stored in small spaces such as under you couch our bed, then easily moved to your living room,  basement or garage gym.  This makes it perfect for use in homes, apartments, fitness studios or outside at the park.

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Additional ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Bench Configurations

What is ALLN-1® Functional Fitness (F2) by TrainChange Fitness

We're a small company that started as a simple idea to create a multi-function, ALL IN ONE fitness bench back in 2014 that has turned into a passion of innovating a complete line of functional fitness products.

Looking for a unique, fitness idea or training solution for someone with a passion for fitness?

Well, you've come to the right place.  You won't find most of our products in stores because the majority of them are custom made.  Reason being, ALLN-1 is our product line developed from gaps in the fitness industry that we identified through our TrainChange® Fitness personal training and consulting business.

WHY Intelligent Design Allows for Intelligent Training  

Traditional, large fitness companies are required to create products that can be sold to the general population in order to sustain their businesses.  As a result the majority of fitness equipment on the market is all the same because it's produced in bulk for “the general" population, that don’t want to take the time required to create truly functional equipment specific to their training goals.  While this is fine for the majority of people that only dabble in fitness it also means that those really wanting to up their training routines (or as we like to say the Alpha Athletes) are left out when it comes to finding equipment capable of pushing their training envelop by having immediate access to challenging and innovative fitness products.  We created ALLN-1® functional fitness products to solve that problem.

Our core philosophy is a belief that intelligent design allows for intelligent training and that's what we deliver!

An associate once said that the average person doesn't want to spend time changing around their fitness equipment because they're too lazy.  To which I replied, "We know.  That's why we don't create fitness products for lazy people.”  Until a person develops an Alpha Athlete mindset to reaching their goal, no matter how convenient you try to make fitness equipment, unless you have an internal drive to be the best you can be, no matter what you GIVE someone will never be enough to make them happy."  So just know that our ALLN-1 products will work for anybody, but they definitely aren't made for everybody.  At TrainChange Fitness, we take great pride in that!


This was our commitment from the outset of this venture, and unlike other company’s that create products that like to say they offer all in one solutions, we named our entire product line after an all-in-one philosophy.

Today we have over 20 different products each designed to solve a unique problem, yet all having the same core design principle:

To create fitness solutions using the most efficient means possible, while providing maximum training options, at the best value…ALL IN ONE! 

Whether You're a Personal Consumer, Training Coach or Commercial Gym We Have an ALLN-1 Solution for You!

Just Do It ALL-1!
Just Do It ALL-1!

Here are a few of latest flagship products.  You can view our complete product line in our online store by clicking here.

The Original
ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Bench h23

The intelligent design of the ALLN-1® Functional Fitness Bench means you can “configure” it into numerous pieces of exercise equipment specific to your training needs, like a: Hip Thrust, Landmine, Resistance and Suspension Band Base, Donkey Kicker, Preacher Curl Bench, Roman Chair, Push-Pull-Lift Power Sled, Football Drive Sled, Ab Bench, Pilates Push Through Bar, Row Machine, Elliptical and Cardio Slider...just to name a few.

ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Bar

Our New Pelvic Bar is a Scaled Down Version of our ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Bench so We're Calling it an ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Bar.

ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Bar

ALLN-1 PlyoBelt

Want a Compact Piece of Equipment that Can Give you a Full Body Workout?

With our patented PlyoBelt you can easily connect to everyday household items as them as gym equipment.PlyoBelt PRO Portable Fitness Trainer

ALLN-1 VRS Clips

Easily Create Your Own Custom Band Sizes, Resistance and Even Repairs!

VRS Clips are designed so that you can customize your band training routines by adjusting the size of your existing bands, along with incremental increases or decreases to progressive resistance.VRS-Short Bands Duplicated

ALLN-1 Mobile Fitness Studio

Whether you're interested in Kickboxing or Barre, HIIT or strength training, we have you covered! Our ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Bench allows us to combine all of the most popular exercise options ALL IN fitness studio!

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