TrainChange Consistency

The Catalyst Required to Make Nutrition and Exercise Work

The TrainChange nutrition and exercise components provide you with directions on how to reach your fitness long-term fitness goals. Consistency is being able to follow those directions until you get there.

Following a well-designed fitness strategy is the key to achieving steady, lasting results. New routines are constantly required to bring about adaptation and change, something that does not occur overnight. In fact, it does not happen in 48 hours, three days, or even a week. To your body, adapting to a routine is like pulling a rubber band from both ends. Consistently applied resistance causes the rubber to become tight and toned. As tension is eased, the rubber band conforms back to its limp shape. Your body responds to fitness routines the same way; the longer you follow them, the more results you will see. For that reason, even if you have a great routine, it will only be effective if used on a regular basis. On average, expect to put forth effort for a minimum of fourteen days before any real change takes place. Luckily, unlike a rubber band, a single day of missing your routine won’t snap your body back into its original shape. At the same time, instead of using this as an excuse to skip a day in your routine, use it to incorporate rest time, cheat days, and vacations into a lifelong fitness strategy.

All the same, routines are merely templates that help you start making lifestyle changes. Consistency, however, is the force that causes the change to occur. It is the glue that binds exercise and nutrition together. Once combined, you have a guideline for your journey that keeps you moving in the right direction. The TrainChange strategy is not an intermittent fat-loss solution, nor is it a quick fix. It is a contract you make with yourself and commit to following every day. Like a tourist reading a guidebook, use routines to make informed decisions to keep you from veering off your intended path. Undoubtedly, the more often you follow the routines, the easier it will become to do them. Each time you make a healthy choice, you overcome an obstacle and empower yourself; in turn, this places you in control of your body. Over time, as you encounter new obstacles you’ll no longer need to stop, scratch your head, and question how to get around them. Instead, you’ll think back to how you overcame previous obstacles, and use those skills to simply kick the new one out of your way. You will eventually reach the point where being disciplined and consistent on your journey is nothing more than putting one foot in front of the other.

-Excerpt from TrainChange Fat Loss: A Unique Step-by-Step Analytical Approach to Fat Loss


Serious fitness people require a serious fitness strategy. If you expect to make progress toward your fitness goal, everyday, your nutrition plans and exercise routines must constantly force change and adaptation to occur. The benefit of the TrainChange fitness program does just that: it progressively allows you, and your body, to make the changes you need to reach--and maintain--your long-term fitness goals.