TC Strategy

The Motivation that Created the Strategy

Developed by The Fitness Specialist® (Al Smith, Jr.), TrainChange is a long term fitness strategy that is customized according to your unique body type. This anatomic personalization is what makes TrainChange more effective than a generic diet plan. However if you are already following a diet plan, but don't feel you are making enough progress, TrainChange can seamlessly be integrated into the plan to improve your results.

TrainChange is not a diet. It's a logical approach to control fat storage and utilization. The philosophy was to design

a generic model that could be customized to fit into anyone's lifestyle, specifically one that would allow for enough flexibility to adjust to people's body type and various needs.Think of TrainChange as an architectural structure for establishing a long-term fat loss goal, where diets (i.e. The Zone, Protein Power, Atkins, etc.) are pluggable design patterns; exercise routines, nutrition plans and consistency are the blueprints that are used to implement the patterns.

Using this approach, TrainChange revolves around the 'problems' that lead to excessive fat storage and calorie consumption, versus merely applying a short-term 'solution' to decrease body weight. This is important since everyone is unique and lives within different constraints; the traditional one size fits all approach to dieting simply doesn't work. However, if the forces that drive the problem of fat storage and excessive calorie consumption are identified, a solution can be created based on an individual context. To illustrate this point think of the process used to construct houses.

The process is basically the same: grading and site preparation, foundation construction, framing, installation of windows and doors, roofing, etc.The fundamental design principals are universal. But construction of a house in the sand will have a different set of problems than construction of a house on a hill. To deal with these varying constraints an architect will modify their generic blueprint by incorporating a known-tested-pattern designed specifically for constructing a beach house or a mountain home. This form of standardization decreases the amount of time it takes to construct houses and reduces costly errors.

All the same, achieving long-term fat loss will always require an effective exercise routine, a sound nutrition plan, and the ability to remain consistent while implementing them. Yet everyone will encounter semi-unique constraints and obstacles that must be dealt with in order to achieve their fat-loss goal. Therefore, the TrainChange mission is to assist you in reaching your goals by identifying and preparing you for known constraints, all the while teaching you how to modify and incorporate existing solutions, which will ultimately help you reach your goals faster.


Serious fitness people require a serious fitness strategy. If you expect to make progress toward your fitness goal, everyday, your nutrition plans and exercise routines must constantly force change and adaptation to occur.

The benefit of the TrainChange fitness program does just that: it progressively allows you, and your body, to make the changes you need to reach--and maintain--your long-term fitness goals.