TrainChange Fitness (AI)

Who We Are

A team that loves to create

If remember the original movie Blade Runner you’d know we were supposed to be driving flying cars, living in colonies on other planets all the while living among rogue human androids.  As much as we've hoped for that to happen, for better or worse, it's definitely not the case. What we do have, and I'm happy to introduce, is the first step in the futuristic direction called TrainChange Fitness AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Our team has combined the knowledge of fitness professionals from various backgrounds and combined it with technical automation, to create fitness AI--that automatically course corrects your fitness program as needed.

What We Do

Create fitness innovations

TrainChange Fitness AI is a first of its kind!  It's an innovative fitness program that’s driven by artificial intelligence, designed to provide clients not only with customized exercise plans and nutrition routines but also PERSONALIZED COACHING, daily monitoring, real-time analysis, and course corrective updates.

For people seeking services of fitness professionals, TrainChange AI provides quicker access to more reliable information, in turn, producing faster results!  For fitness professionals that offer consulting services, it means less time will be required to create the most effective-customized- routines for your clients.

Why We Do It

Keep it simple

Our development goal for creating TrainChange Fitness AI wasn’t meant to be a gimmicky fad fitness program that promotes faster results simply because AI is the latest untapped innovation in the fitness industry. Nor is it just silly pre-recorded digital messages or a motivational coach telling you to adjust the resistance on the overpriced piece of [smart] fitness equipment.

TrainChange AI actually LEARNS about YOU.  Specifically, the physical progress and changes that occur during your fitness journey, every day. That, coupled with the PERSONAL fine tuning of our personal training team, is how we help clients achieve results!

TrainChange Fitness AI