Beauty Queen Fitness Routines

Preparing for a fitness competition requires more structure, commitment and expertise than your typical diet and exercise program. And trying to find the right program and the time to train can be equally challenging to say the least. TrainChange Fitness is now offering Beauty Queen Fitness Routines, a comprehensive and professional contest preparation program that will get you stage ready. The best part? You can do this all from home on your own schedule.



In addition to progressively increasing the amount of weight used during your exercise routine, intensity is key.  But what exactly is training intensity you ask? Read more...
Beauty Queen Fitness Routines - Nutrition


First and foremost, the key to eating healthy is balance.  You NEVER want to starve your body any more than you want to overfeed it.


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Progress is the key to any progressive resistance exercise routine.  To make progress happen you must correctly train and condition your muscles.



Passionately committed to your fitness success!

We were eager to bring Rene Hamlet, Ms North America World into our TrainChange Fitness family because she has been using our ALLN-1 products from the very beginning (click for details).   The combination of her pageantry experience was rounded out with our other award-winning professional fitness competitors, Al Smith, Jr. Megan Johnson and Sandy Grant to develop the most effective fitness plan ever designed--specifically for beauty pageant contestants!

Rene Hamlet Ms. North America World

Program Manager

Rene Hamlet
Ms. North America World, actress and model

Online Fitness Consultant Al Smith, Jr.

Lead Trainer

Al Smith, Jr. "The Fitness Specialist"
TrainChange® Fitness Founder, ALLN-1® Inventor, ISSA Personal Trainer, Fitness Consultant, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Published Author

Sandy Grant IFBB Pro

Master Trainer

Sandy Grant
IFBB Professional Athlete, first NPC overall Figure Champion in the PNW, AMFPT Certified Personal Trainer, Health & Wellness Coach, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

Megan Johnson McCullough.

Master Trainer

Megan Johnson McCullough
ICN and AAU International title holder, NASM Master Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist, Published Author and Doctoral candidate.

Beauty Queen Fitness Routines

Fitness programs designed specifically for pageants contestants to make you stand out on stage!

In creating our Beauty Queen Fitness Routines training program, we understand that balancing your life and your training can be difficult. We want you to succeed and are giving you the best chance to do that by providing you with the tools and techniques we have used to get into competition shape to reach our goals.  And now, we are sharing all of our firsthand experience with you!

You Have Three Options to Choose from

Beauty Queen Fitness Starter Kit
One-time purchase
Beauty Queen Basic Fitness Routines
One-time purchase
Beauty Queen 12-Week Fitness Program
3 Monthly Payments

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