Variable Resistance & Suspension (VRS) Clips

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VRS Clips  

Our new patented VRS (Variable Resistance & Suspension) Clips allow you to easily customize any type of resistance or suspension bands so you can perform the ultimate workout.

VRS Clips

VRS-Short Bands DuplicatedEasily Create Your Own Custom Band Sizes, Resistance and Even Repairs!

VRS Clips are designed so that you can customize your band training routines by adjusting the size of your existing bands, along with incremental increases or decreases to progressive resistance.

Like all ALLN-1® fitness products, the patented design of our VRS Clips™ is intentionally simple for maximum reusability.

VRS Clips Were Developed Out of Necessity!

The fact is that most bands all come from the same manufactures overseas, where they basically mass produce a limited number of bands in sizes, resistance and colors.  Fitness retailers select which bands they want, slap their logo on them, create another, "MOST AMAZING BAND WORKOUT EVER" routine, then compete to sell their product at the lowest prices.  Kind of like everything else in the fitness industry.

Use VRS Clips to Create New Fitness Equipment, Exercise Routines and Cardio Programs

"Having been involved in fitness for over 30 years, and a fitness consultant for 20 of them, I realized there was a need to create a way to customize fitness products."

Al Smith, Jr. The  Fitness Specialist
Owner of TrainChange Fitness & Inventor of ALLN-1 Product Line

VRS Clips were created to allow for the connection of resistance bands to other fitness equipment like suspension bands, hand-grips, and barbells, while at the same time allowing customers the freedom to adjust overall band size and connect multiple types of resistance bands.

What’s the Benefit of Using VRS Clips?


The VRS Clips solution enables customers to perform a wide range of new resistance band based exercises, using more customized and innovative, band driven-progressive resistance training routines.

VRS Clips Solve the Most Common Problems with Bands

The problem with resistance bands is that they’re only made in a limited number of sizes, resulting in them either being too short, or too long, too lose or too tight, depending on your height and what exercise you’re trying to perform.


Up until now, the only solution was to clumsily wrap the bands around your hands or equipment to achieve the desired length. Well, Not anymore!

3 NEW  Ways You'll Be Able to Customize Your Resistance & Suspension Bands

VRS Bullet PointAdd connectors to resistance bands such as hand grips, straps, belts, vests or other pieces of fitness equipment like suspension bands.

VRS Bullet PointAdjust the intensity of your resistance. Cut the bands to your ideal length, then add VRS Clips and your desired connector(s).

VRS Bullet PointCreate custom resistance by combining multiple types of resistance bands, to accomplish progressive intensity similar to free weights.

Use With Your Existing Suspension Bands


Leverage the innovation of VRS to turn ordinary suspension bands into a more versatile training system to get a more comprehensive workout than just using bands alone.

No Special Bands Required

Customize your existing suspension bands with VRS Clips when you want to add resistance band training to your traditional body-weight training routines.

When you’re done, you can just as easily remove the VRS Clips and return to traditional body-weight resistance.

It is truly the best of both worlds in one compact, convenient solution.

With VRS Clips You'll Never Have to Throw Away Broken Bands Again!

VRS Clips will Save You Money with this Easy Solution


VRS Clip Dimensions

How-To Resize or Repair Resistance Bands with VRS Clips

  1. Take one end of the broken resistance band create a loop.  If creating a customize size band identify the desired length of the band. 
  2. Continue to adjust the size of the loop based on your desired length of the band. Add an extra 5-6 inches on both ends. 
  3. Place the VRS Clip Mender over the folded end of the band, leaving approximately 4-5 mm from the broken end.
  4. Tight screw down the anti-slip nuts onto both bolts. Insert the loop end of the mended resistance band into the VRS for normal us.

Repeat this for the other end of the band.

Works for both flat and round resistance bands!

Create Customized Suspension Resistance Workouts

Tired of Being Limited by Traditional Suspension and Resistance Band Configurations?

In addition to allowing your to turn ordinary suspension bands into resistance trainers, VRS Clips allow you to create entirely new suspension-resistance workouts.  Imagine being able to connect any type of training grip, strap or harness to your existing resistance bands!

More Innovative ALLN-1® Equipment Configurations & Workout Ideas!

VRS PlyoBelt InfoGraph

Please select a color for your PlyoBelt
PlyoBelt PRO - Color
Black (SOLD OUT - More coming soon!)
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Want a Compact Piece of Equipment that Can Give you a Full Body Workout?

With our patented VRS Clips and PlyoBelt you can easily connect to everyday household items as them as gym equipment.

The PlyoBelt is designed to function as training belt (shown in figure 1),  ankle and wrist straps (shown in figure 2) and even hand grips and a shoulder harness (shown in figure 3).

VRS Clips provide the connected resistance and the PlyoBelt provides the equipment.

Requires: (1) ALLN-1 PlyoBelt, (4) Carabiners, (1+) Resistance Bands & VRS Clips
Watch Demonstration Video (Coming Soon)

Configuration for Training Glutes, Hamstrings, Inner Thighs and Back

VRS ALLN-1 Muli-function Exercise Strap

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Multi-Function Exercise Strap

Want to develop your triceps, booty, hamstrings and thighs?
Simply attach one or more resistance bands to the VRS Clips, wrap the patent pending ALLN-1 Multi-Function Exercise Strap your wrist or ankle and connect to one end of the VRS and the other to a door anchor, and you're good to go!

Configuration Requires: (1) Multi-Function Strap, (2) Carabiners, (1+) Resistance Bands, (1) Door Anchor & (2) VRS Clips
Watch Demonstration Video (Coming Soon)

Configuration for Body Weight Anchored Resistance

VRS Clip Anchor Straps

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VRS Body Weight Anchored Resistance Kit

Just STEP INTO ALLN-1 Multi-Function Exercise strap and lift!
This configuration is  a great way to get in a quick workout with no setup!

With the development of customized band sizing, VRS Clips has opened up a new level of quick and easy training: Body Weight Anchored Resistance!

You can use this quick and dirty anchorless resistance setup to do exercises like bicep curls, shoulder raises, tricep extensions, bent back rows, and MORE!

Requires: (1+) Hand Grip, (2) Carabiners, (1+) Resistance Bands & (2) VRS Clips
Watch Demonstration Video (Coming Soon)

Configuration for Multi-Function Resistance Band Barbell

VRS Clips Resistance Band Barbell

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Multi-Function Resistance Band Barbell

Want to add some variety beyond using hand grips in your workout?
With VRS Clips you can add variety to your basic hand grip band workouts by using our heavy duty, resistance barbell.  What make this custom barbell unique is that the eyelets are designed for use with resistance bands, and it can be unscrewed and disassembly into three 19 in. sections for easy storage.

Configuration Requires: (1) Multi-Function Resistance Band Barbell, (2) Carabiners, (1+) Resistance Bands, (2) Door Anchors & (4) VRS Clips
Optional: ALLN-1 Multi-Function Strap
Watch Demonstration Video (Coming Soon)

Configuration for Hand Grips

VRS Clips Dual Grip

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VRS Hand Grips

No more awkward, circulation cutting, band-hand gripping!  VRS Clips™ allow easily attached or detached gripping handles to your resistance bands as needed.

Configuration Requires: (2) Hand Grips, (2) Carabiners, (1+)Resistance Bands & (2) VRS Clips
Watch Demonstration Video (Coming Soon)

We Are Constantly Coming Up with New Ideas to Make Training More Efficient!

Get notified about our latest ALLN-1® fitness product discounts and updates, along with NEW Easy & Smarter Training Routines!

VRS Clips & PlyoBelt PRO at Home Workout