ALLN-1: Mobile Fitness Studio

Introducing the ALLN-1 Mobile Fitness Studio

From the makers of the ALLN-1® Exercise Bench, TrainChange® Fitness is introducing a new and exciting way to get your best workout in whenever it works for you. Stay committed to your fitness routine by getting your workout in just steps from your work or home with this brand new offering from TrainChange.

TrainChange is proud to announce an ALLN-1 Mobile Fitness Studio, so you can train quickly and easily any time you want. Beginning in June 2018, ALLN-1 Mobile Fitness Studios will be available for you and your friends.

The Idea

Is your schedule a little crazy? Do you struggle with finding the motivation to work out? Do you need some help getting to the gym?

TrainChange is creating a mobile fitness service that allows you to get in your workout, no matter where you are. No membership required, and the service is right at your fingertips.

Using the ALLN-1 Exercise Bench, personal trainers will bring an entire exercise studio to meet you for one-on-one training sessions, or you can meet up with the studio and friends to attend group classes, with up to ten people.

That’s right: At any time that works for your personal schedule, you can have an ALLN-1 Certified Trainer come to meet you with a mobile fitness studio. The largest studio will be a 26' x 8' foot studio, complete with air conditioning and heating, so you know you are guaranteed a comfortable, and clean workout space.

The ALLN-1 Mobile Fitness Studio will help you reach the fitness level you are seeking by fitting perfectly into your schedule. This experience is designed to be all about you and your needs, which is why every studio has a personal trainer. Become the boss of your fitness regime with this sweat-inducing mobile gym, which will be available soon.

The Equipment

So how does the mobile fitness studio work? Isn’t the fitness equipment too big or heavy to be moved in a studio like this?

The ALLN-1 Exercise Bench is lightweight and small, but made from commercial grade steel, the same that’s used to make traditional gym equipment. In fact, the bench is so space-friendly that 10 of these workout machines will be available in the largest of the mobile studios offered. And on beautiful days, the ALLN-1 Exercise Benches can easily be moved outside of the studio for an even more exciting outdoor workout experience.

If you are wondering how effective a fitness studio can be if it only has one machine, don’t fear. The ALLN-1 Exercise Bench is capable of allowing users to perform over 174 different exercises, including progressive resistance training, strength and conditioning drills, cardio workouts, and even Pilates! And of course, our everything is provided in our most popular class, the ALLN-1: Badass Booty Boot Camp!

With this one machine, you can work on your lower, middle, and upper body to become the healthiest and most motivated you have ever been. This machine provides the strength training you need to build muscle and tone your body, and for an added bonus, you can even complete fat burning workouts with our ALLN-1: 360 HIIT Circuit (a 6-minute High Intensity Interval Training total body workout).

The Workouts

Fat burning, muscle building HIIT routines are 100% possible in these studios because the ALLN-1 Exercise Bench is designed to let you make smooth transitions between each exercise. Progressive resistance training is as easy as it ever was (or wasn’t) with this workout equipment. Cardio is not a problem for users of this innovative bench. There are cardio slider attachments that help you maximize your cardio time without all the drawbacks of a treadmill. You won’t feel the same high impact damage with this cardio workout. The varied cardio attachments allow you to easily complete Stair Climbers, Mountain Climbers, and Cross Country Skiing workouts – all on the same machine. With ALLN-1: Mobile Fitness, the days of linear training routines ridden with boredom and monotony are gone. Now, you can have flexibility in your daily schedule, while knowing you’re doing the most effective exercises, without ever having to step foot into a traditional gym.

No other mobile fitness offering will be able to give you the same variety of workouts or results that the ALLN-1 Mobile Fitness Studio can.

The Arrival

The ALLN-1 Mobile Fitness Studio will begin rolling out in June 2018. Between now and then, you can start getting accustomed to the numerous workouts you can perform with the ALLN-1 Exercise Bench by visiting When the big day comes, you will be ready to hop on board the mobile fitness studio and start working!

Want to Get Involved as a Personal Trainer or Conditioning Coach?

Get ready for the workout you have always been looking for! Keep your ear to the ground to find out when a TrainChange ALLN-1: Mobile Fitness Studio will be in your area. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to have a personal trainer coach you through almost any kind of workout you want.

And if you are a fitness trainer wanting to start your own fitness business, consider the low-cost, exciting opportunity to open a MOBILE FITNESS STUDIO with the ALLN-1: Mobile Fitness Studio equipment leasing and franchise opportunities available, starting at just $10k. Certified trainers looking for their next big opportunity will be able to begin opening territorial franchises in November of 2018.

Some of the ALLN-1 Exercises

ALLN-1: Express HIIT Class

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