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TrainChange Fitness Level Self-Assessment & Recommendations

Do you know the Difference between Weight Loss and Fat Loss?

Our FREE, self-paced, web course explains how the TrainChange Fitness Strategy solves two of the most common problems people encounter while trying to reach their fitness goals. Watch this informative course taken directly from our TrainChange Fat Loss Book and TrainChange Leaner, Faster, Stronger Better Workshop, and the specific details provided, we guarantee you’ll be able to successfully start applying the solutions RIGHT NOW!

Beginner Fitness Level

If you're starting at a Beginner Fitness Level, you probably have little to no experience with how to creating and following effective nutrition plans and exercise routines. For example, at this level you probably still think that drinking a fruit smoothies every day is considered being healthy,

Intermediate Fitness Level

If you're at an intermediate fitness level, you’ve likely had some type of professional training in the past, and now know how to make healthy food choices and have some type of regular exercise routine in place. For example, you not only select your foods based on its fat content,

Advanced Fitness Level

Being at an Advanced Fitness Level means that you probably already have a daily nutrition plan, that’s even broken down by the hour, and on top of that you have it memorized (yeah, I get it). And the same holds true for your exercise routine, you pretty much only know what day