Chain Beast + F2 Adapter

Chain Beast


Use the ChainBeast to Easily Connect Chains and Bands for Isometric and Resistance workouts!
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(1) Chain Beast collar
(1) Commercial strength eye bolt
(1) Bar modifier

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The Chain Beast 

Take your chain training to the next level with The Chain Beast collar.  The unique design of this innovative chain collar gives you more training options than another other chain collar available.

Unlike traditional chain collars that are designed to be slid onto the outer barbell, The Chain Beast uses dual clamp attachments, which means you can attach it anywhere on the barbell.  As a result, you'll able to use your barbell and chain collar to perform more intensive workouts.

The dual clamp design of The Chain Beast collar allows it to be placed ANYWHERE on the bar. Specifically, you can lock them in place BEHIND the plates so that you don't have to deal with the hassles of moving your chains every time you want to add more plates.

Chain Beast Chain Clamps

Even better, The Chain Beast can be connected to ANY type bar, which means you'll have even more training options available.

F2 Adapter

F2 Adapter
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Chain Beast Yoke Stack

Want a yoke, but don't have the space to store it? The Chain Beast Yoke Stacks are for you!

(1) F2 Adapter (Sizes available 4",  8" or 12")
Made from commercial grade, 12 gauge, polished steel
(1) F2 Chain Connector
(1) Connector chain lock bolt
(1) High capacity carabiner 

ALLN-1 12" Long – 2” Olympic Sleeve, Chain Collar & Resistance Band Adapters for 1" or 1.25” BarbellsChain Beast chain clamps sold separately. Shown for demonstration purposes only.

Easily to Attach
Connect the Chain Beast to a barbell to do integrated barbell and chain (or band) training, then just as easily stand up and use the same barbell to perform yoke walks with our Chain Beast Yoke Stacks.

Incorporating swinging stacks into your training is a great way to build, strengthen and tone your entire body by forcing more muscle stabilization.

ALLN-1 Yoke Stack

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