Bionic Cardio

Have a BC3, a cycle…any cycle? You can still attend our upcoming Bionic Cardio Classes because many of the moves are the same.  Online group classes will be offered soon, Email BC3 @ us for details!

Bionic Cardio Training

ALLN-1 Bionic CardioAfter almost 8 years in retirement, I’m dusting off my indoor cycling gear and getting back into the instructor saddle.  Except this time, there is no saddle!

I wanted something new, a bigger challenge than just UP, MIDDLE, BACK, HOVER this time.  So I created and patented the BC3 Horizontal Trainer” for Bionic Cardio, Conditioning, and Core Training. And that’s exactly what you’ll experience!

What makes the training experience unique is the use of our patented BC3 Horizontal Trainer (click here).  The BC3 requires the use of your upper and lower body at the same time, which means your heart is required to pump more blood to those extremities thereby —> rapidly, increasing the amount of work on your cardiovascular system —-> increasing calorie burning and fat oxidation —> WITH ZERO IMPACT, no special shoes or cycle saddle butts! But, you will have sore legs and a solid butt!

Switching between the positions is challenging, but makes the workout breeze by…however, you will start sweating within the first 5 minutes, and it only takes 30 minutes to get the HIIT done. I’ve never done a triathlon but trained for one (but stopped when I realized muscle sinks in water) but theoretically, it should be great for triathlon training because it simulates a running workout, cycling, and upper body isolation, and allows for zero transition time between positions. But for the Bionic Cardio circuit, the plan is to have attendees CONTINUOUSLY train in each position, rotating between them every 2-minutes. So imagine doing…

Horizontal Trainer BC3

  • Core isolation drills for 2-minutes
  • Bear crawls (Superhero) for 2-minutes
  • Boxing drills for 2-minutes
  • Vanilla cycling for 2-minutes
  • Hoover ups for 2-minutes
  • Quick feet drills for 2-minutes
  • Attack cycling for 2-minutes

I know, sick right? But it wasn’t designed to be easy…it’s designed to WORK!